How To Purchase Crypto In Canada – A Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, and Dogecoin are being purchased in increasing numbers in Canada, likely due to the increasing popularity of digital currencies overall. This trend is likely to continue as more people become interested in cryptocurrencies and the opportunities they provide for investment and speculation. This is probably due to the increasing interest in … Read more

A List Of Top Crypto Wallets

Traders need crypto wallets to secure and confirm their personal information. In order to sell, trade, and purchase cryptocurrencies, cold and hot storage come in two different forms: hardware and software. Unlike cryptocurrency exchanges, there are also specialized custom crypto wallets. Here are some of the best cryptocurrency wallets listed below: For novices, Coinbase Wallets … Read more

What Is Cryptocurrency Trading? – An In-depth Guide for Beginners

An Intro To Trading And Investment Before starting to know about cryptocurrency we all need to know about trading. What is trading? What are the benefits of trading? And how it plays a role in the rise in financial conditions? Trading is a fundamental concept all over the world in which buying and selling factors … Read more

Kazakhstan Gets $1.5M From Fees On Crypto Mining In Q1 2022

In recent news, the Kazakhstani government has raised $1.5M (652M Kazakhstani tenges) in Q1 2022. This revenue is from the fees it imposed on cryptocurrency miners in 2022. Despite the opposition to a tax on crypto mining in April, the country has made some revenue. The report states, “The fee depends on the amount of … Read more

Crypto Miners Use 2% Of Power Consumption In Russia

According to a government report by Russia, crypto miners use over 2% of power consumption. Hence, officials are calling for a regulation of the sector. Crypto Miners Use More Electricity Compared To Agriculture According to the latest report, miners in Russia consume more power than farmers. Currently, crypto miners use over 2% of total electricity … Read more

China Re-emerges As 2nd BTC Mining Hub Even After Ban On Crypto

The Chinese government’s mandate to ban crypto operations seems to have been ineffective. This is coming after a recent report stated that China was part of the world’s first three largest Bitcoin mining centers. Are BTC Miners Secretly Mining In China? According to the latest news from CBEC (Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index), China has … Read more

Stronghold Mining Release Q1 Report Amid Ongoing Debate On Coal-Powered Mining

Stronghold Digital Mining, situated in Pennsylvania, has recorded first-quarter sales of $28.7 million. This comes when more attention is being directed against the revival of coal plants for crypto mining operations. The company’s modified net loss for each share of $0.66 was more than the average expectation of $0.08, which meant that it significantly outperformed … Read more

Aggrieved Terra Investors Drag Do Kwon To Court

There have been various events since the crash of the Terra blockchain last week. The latest is that a group of South Korean Terra holders has taken legal action against Terra founder, Do Kwon, following the Terra network crash. Kwon Faces Legal Action Over Terra Network Crash Some local media outlets have reported that those … Read more

April Revenue Generated By ETH Miners Surpasses That Of BTC By $224M

For four consecutive months in a row in 2022, revenue from Ethereum mining has topped that of Bitcoin mining. In April 2022, mining income for both virtual currencies decreased year after year. While  Ethereum reached a revenue of $1.39B in April, Bitcoin only achieved $1.16B in revenue. In April, ETH Miner Revenue Exceeded BTC by … Read more

Revenue For Ethereum Mining Increases To 95k In a Day

According to the latest reports, the earnings from Ethereum mining have exceeded 95k ETH in one day. Also, handling fees were responsible for 85.9% of the total income generated. Ethereum Mining Becomes Very Profitable Despite High Gas Fees With the recent rise in DeFi (Decentralized Finance) activity, ETH miners’ income has reached 95,000 ETH in … Read more

Nvidia Fined $5.5M By SEC For Failing To Report Revenue From Crypto Mining

The regulatory watchdog of the United States has stated that it has settled with Nvidia over “inadequate disclosures” of proceeds from crypto mining. Nvidia is a firm that makes graphics cards used by several crypto miners,  On the 6th of May, the agency stated that Nvidia refused to report that cryptocurrency mining accounted for “a … Read more

Here’s Ripple’s Approach To Understanding NFT Collectors

The emergence and explosion of non-fungible tokens has been rapid, and the changes to the crypto industry are felt by all involved. But the growth comes with some form of confusion as key players like creators, collectors, and analysts need to understand the daily dynamics and trends to enable them to maximize the returns on … Read more

Binance Launches New Protocol For Swapping ETH Tokens To BEP20 Tokens

Binance is taking another major step toward scaling part of its BNB Smart Chain network to accommodate multiple blockchains and expand its operational processes. The leading crypto exchange platform announced that it has carried out a holistic revamp of the previously dormant cross-bridge protocol, Binance Bridge, which is now renamed Binance Bridge 2.0. The Binance … Read more

Ethereum 2.0 Continues to Gain Momentum Staking Hits 10 Million

Ever since Ethereum announced its transition to the new Proof-of-Stake consensus layer, aka ETH 2.0, the amount of stakes in the blockchain protocol has increased rapidly. According to reports, the number of stakes accounts for 10% of the total Ether supply. Crypto data analyst Delphi Digital states that validators and nodes have staked more than … Read more

Polkadot’s Hedge Fund Portfolios Are In High Demand As Nodle Is Set To Onboard

Polkadot has been by far the most talked-about crypto in the industry for quite some time, thanks in no small part to its performance when most of the industry is feeling the heat of the market correction. The DOT is one of the promising blockchains that has garnered attention and rave reviews over the years; … Read more

DOGE Wallet Goes Live on iOS

It’s good news for iOS users, as the long-awaited Dogecoin wallet gets released on the Apple store. Known as MyDoge Wallet, the non-custodial wallet is dedicated to the meme coin DOGE and supports the transfer of digital currency from exchanges to wallets.  As announced by one of the founders of Billy Markus, iOS users will … Read more

Ukrainians Opt for USDT As Central Bank Restricts Foreign Cash Flow

The intensive war between Russia and Ukraine has hit another level as Ukraine’s central bank puts some restrictions on foreign cash transfers alongside foreign currency issuance. Citizens of the war-torn nation of Ukraine are now seeking an alternative route to access foreign cash and have identified cryptocurrency, particularly stablecoins, as their preferred option. According to … Read more