Analysts Continue To Speculate Which Cryptocurrency Will Make It Out Of The Bear Market

Cryptocurrencies have continued to see some of their darkest days as prices for various cryptocurrencies continued to fall. Bitcoin continues to stagnate, and other major cryptocurrencies struggle to find steady ground to launch their rallies.

In fact, out of all the cryptocurrencies that are currently in the market, the only ones that are doing marginally well are the memecoins. Despite most of the memecoins going bust months or even weeks after their release, some have still managed to stand the test of time.

Other than the most notable cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin or Shiba Inu, there have been others to come out in the past few months that have already started making waves throughout the market.

So if you’re already looking for the perfect cryptocurrencies that will be able to make it through the bear market, you’re the best bet right now are memecoins. Not only do they have the lowest barrier to entry, but they also have the most potential to grow.

Of course, the two newest cryptocurrencies that are worth talking about are Big Eyes Coin and RichQuack. Despite being relatively new coins in the market, both of them have managed quite the following and a very impressive cash flow.

RichQuack Managed to Shoot Up by 600%

RichQuack is a very good example of a cryptocurrency that was hit the worst during the bear market. While it did manage to spike during the last few months of 2021, it barely got any time to savor the moment. Soon into 2022, the coin fell hard, losing most of its value and market cap.

And for the most part, everyone thought that it was the end of RichQuack: just another memecoin to become obsolete.

However, in a strange turn of events, RichQuack managed to jump by over 600%. It went from a market capitalization of over $31 million to hit a cap of $133 million.

Big Eyes Coin Manages to Raise Over $3 Million 

Of course, the duck wasn’t the only meme coin to take the entire market by surprise, as the Big Eyes Coin saw a significant rise too. In a single week, Big Eyes managed to jump through all of its presale targets with ease. And a lot of that definitely has to come down to its unique and beautiful design. It also managed to raise a considerable amount of money for various charities.

Which of These Two Will Break Out of the Bear Market?

While both of these tokens happen to be some of the best memecoins to rise to fame this year, it seems like the duck is already starting to age. Not only did the price of its token just dip, but the momentum that it had was also slowing down.

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