Do Kwon Has Denied Reports Of His Assets Being Frozen By South Korean Authorities

The founder of Terraform Labs, Do Kwon has recently issued a statement against claims of his assets being frozen by the South Korean authorities. No Funds are frozen A couple of weeks back, it was reported that the South Korean law enforcement authorities had frozen Do Kwon’s crypto assets. It was claimed that his assets … Read more

With Dollar Price Surging, Bitcoin Has Become A Buying Opportunity For Investors, Says Robert Kiyosaki

Robert Kiyosaki has recently given investment advice to the entire investment community and it involves Bitcoin (BTC). Kiyosaki earned great recognition for being Rich Dad Poor Dad’s author, a best-selling book on financial literacy. He is also a very successful businessman with a strong following looking for his business and investment advice. Investment Advice by … Read more

McDonald’s Continues Expanding Its Cryptocurrency Exposure Accepting BTC And USDT For Payments

McDonald’s is among the largest brands in the world aiming to offer as much convenience to their customers as possible. The fast food chain is determined to adopt cryptocurrencies and offer its users the ability to pay using digital assets. McDonald’s Starts Accepting BTC and USDT McDonald’s has just announced that they are now accepting … Read more

Solana Suffers Yet Another Downtime (Outage), Trigger Concerns Over Network’s Bad Design

The Solana blockchain network has suffered yet another major outage, which is not a good sign for the network at all. The Solana network ended up facing downtime, which caused a huge problem for the validators. Due to the outage, the entire network stopped, which also impacted the blocking process on the blockchain. The validators … Read more

A Bank In Kazakhstan Is Buying Cryptocurrencies While Country Is Developing An Exchange

Eurasian Bank which is headquartered in Almaty has reportedly conducted a cryptocurrency exchange that was facilitated by Intebix. Intebix is one of the highly popular and largest cryptocurrency exchanges operating in Kazakhstan. Both entities have reportedly collaborated with each other in order to conduct a transaction for cryptocurrencies. The Significance of the Transaction It may … Read more

Paraguayan Senate Rejects The President’s Veto To Crypto Bill

On September 2nd, the President of Paraguay, Mario Abdo had totally vetoed a proposed crypto bill, but his decision has been rejected by the country’s Senate. The initiative was defended by the Paraguayan Senate, which said that passing the bill in question would be good for the country because it would help in tracking the … Read more

Swiss National Bank Makes A Statement That Is Quite Promising For DeFi

The Swiss National Bank has made a statement in favor of decentralized finance (DeFi). According to the officials at the Swiss National Bank, the central bank’s digital currencies as well as the decentralized finance can work really well together. The decentralized finance sector has great potential for expansion and adoption if the central banks decide … Read more

FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried Was Potentially Interested In Buying Twitter With Musk

Elon Musk and Twitter are currently embroiled in a legal battle over the former’s refusal to buy the latter after an agreement. The legal proceedings have revealed that crypto billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried had also been interested in purchasing Twitter. Texts revealed Reports on Thursday disclosed that William MacAskill, who is part of the FTX Future … Read more

Ripple Wants To Add More Pressure Over US SEC By Adding Another Attorney In SEC Lawsuit

In the past couple of months, Ripple has grown more and more aggressive against the US SEC. This is because Ripple has enough proof in its favor to win the case that had been filed by the US SEC. There are already talks about Ripple gaining enough ground to have the court judgment passed in … Read more

Revolut Gets Green Light To Operate In The UK

One of the top online trading platforms, Revolut has finally managed to secure a license from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom for offering digital currency services. The platform’s application had been in process for a long time and the financial watchdog of Britain finally granted it permission and added it to … Read more

Research Discovers Bitcoin Mining Accounts For 0.10% Of Global Greenhouse Emissions

The Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance (CCAF) recently published a report, which discloses that 0.10% of the global greenhouse emissions are due to bitcoin mining. This is approximately 48.35 million tons of carbon dioxide a year. The report further discloses that the environmental footprint of bitcoin mining is more complex and nuanced due to which … Read more

Russia Begins Developing Mechanism For International Payments

The Russian financial authorities have started working on a mechanism that would be designed to facilitate the use of cryptocurrency for making cross-border settlements with other countries. The Finance Ministry and the central bank have already come to an agreement about developing a draft law aimed at approving the use of digital financial assets (DFAs) … Read more

Nubank Has Almost 2 Million Cryptocurrency Users Out Of Its 70 Million Users Empire

Latam has become one of the most fertile grounds for any entity or firm that is eager to offer cryptocurrency-related or alternative financial services. This is what has allowed Nubank to hit a new milestone in the Latam region, making it a digital payment services provider with an enormous following. Nubank is a digital neobank … Read more

XRP Price To Lose Value Due To Its Recent Court Claim

Since late 2020, XRP has turned into one of the most controversial cryptocurrencies. Up until December 17, 2020, things were going smoothly for XRP. However, the US SEC had something else in mind about XRP as it had its concerns over its US offerings. The US SEC claimed Ripple Labs, the company behind the creation … Read more

Coinbase Faces A Lawsuit As Claimant Claims Infringement If Patent

Coinbase Global (COIN) has recently come under pressure as it is now facing a lawsuit filed by one an LLC. Veritaseum Capital LLC Sues Coinbase Global The reports confirm that Coinbase Global (COIN) is now facing a lawsuit that has been filed by Veritaseum Capital LLC. The LLC has sued Coinbase Global over an infringement … Read more

Bitcoin Mining Company Compute North Files For Bankruptcy

On Thursday, Compute North, the bitcoin mining firm filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Texas, as the crypto winter does not appear to be slowing down and is creating problems for businesses in the space. On September 22nd, the company filed for bankruptcy petition and it indicates that the company is interested in stabilizing its … Read more

Twitch Has Reportedly Banned Gambling Sites That Are Fueled By Cryptocurrencies

Twitch has made an announcement in regards to banning gambling sites on its platform. According to the reports, the gambling sites banned by Twitch are powered by cryptocurrencies. On particular gambling sites, users are able to use cryptocurrencies on these platforms. Twitch has even banned users from sharing promo codes and referral codes for gambling … Read more

Bank Of Russia And Finance Ministry Agree On Regulation For Crypto Mining

The Russian central bank, prominent government institutions in Moscow and the country’s Finance Ministry are finally aligned on their stance on regulating crypto mining activities in Russia. According to a high-ranking official, they will file a respective bill in the lower house of parliament i.e. the State Duma, soon. Crypto mining regulation A joint position … Read more

India To Finalize Crypto Legality Stance In Next Year

Reports indicate that the government of India is planning to finalize its stance on the legality of cryptocurrencies in the first quarter of 2023. This is because the Indian government wants to become compliant with the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). A government official stated that they would finalize their responses between February and March … Read more

Bitcoin Miner Terawulf Discloses Miners At Lake Mariner Site

Terawulf, the publicly-listed bitcoin miner had announced some time ago that its Lake Mariner data mining data center was fully functioning and boasted a capacity of 30 megawatts (MWs). The latest announcement from the company has revealed that there are almost 12,000 miners who are currently operating at the New York facility. Thus, between the … Read more