Ethereum Gas Prices Decline to Lowest Levels For the First Time in Seven Months

ETH gas fees have declined to their lowest levels for the first time in seven months. Data from Coinmetrics showed that transaction fees paid by users on the popular blockchain network have been dropping since the year began. However, the current price level indicates that they are at their lowest since August last year. In … Read more

India Will Launch Its CBDC This Year, Indian Finance Minister Says

Following China’s digital Yuan launch, the pressure to launch a CBDC fell on major world countries. While the United States and EU nations are still debating the benefits and risks of a digitized currency, India has stepped up on the pedal with a surprise announcement of their CBDC. According to India’s Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, … Read more

Thailand Considers Crypto Payment As Alternative For Ukrainian and Russian Tourists

After MasterCard and Visa suspended Russian users from credit card payments, Thailand is examining other payment options to help users from the country alongside Ukrainian tourists to execute transactions. Local news outlets reveal that Thailand considers allowing Russians and Ukrainians to transact in crypto.  Phuket Tourist Association disclosed it had contacted Thailand’s central bank to … Read more

The Volume Of Ruble To BTC Transactions Reach 9-Month Peaks

Many individuals have resorted to digital assets as a shield against inflation from fiat currencies. Thus, they can hold a significant advantage when the fiat currency becomes weakened in a bad economy. Fear Of Uncertainty Is The Primary Motive Russia’s ongoing assault against Ukraine has caused many more people to convert their fiat to cryptos … Read more

DOGE Wallet Goes Live on iOS

It’s good news for iOS users, as the long-awaited Dogecoin wallet gets released on the Apple store. Known as MyDoge Wallet, the non-custodial wallet is dedicated to the meme coin DOGE and supports the transfer of digital currency from exchanges to wallets.  As announced by one of the founders of Billy Markus, iOS users will … Read more

Will Cryptocurrency Exchanges Abide By U.S. Sanctions on Russia?

It’s been a long week for Russia, as sanctions upon sanctions were imposed on them following their invasion of Ukraine. In the last week, the U.S. and its allies have blocked Russia from using Swift and suspended flights. Interestingly, one area of concern is how the cryptocurrency sector would react to these sanctions. According to … Read more

Ukrainians Opt for USDT As Central Bank Restricts Foreign Cash Flow

The intensive war between Russia and Ukraine has hit another level as Ukraine’s central bank puts some restrictions on foreign cash transfers alongside foreign currency issuance. Citizens of the war-torn nation of Ukraine are now seeking an alternative route to access foreign cash and have identified cryptocurrency, particularly stablecoins, as their preferred option. According to … Read more

Bitcoin Mining Continues To Thrive In Russia Despite Conflict With Ukraine 

According to reports, despite fears, it appears that Bitcoin mining is still in full swing in Russia. You may recall that Russia launched an attack on Ukraine yesterday, causing crypto markets to plummet. Russia Remains Normal  Bitcoin mining in Russia seems to remain in full swing despite the crisis situation. Compass mining chief, Whit Gibbs, … Read more

China’s Digital Yuan Enjoys Massive Adoption with More Than $300,000 Payment Recorded In a Day

The much-talked-about Winter Olympics in China is underway and unlike any other Olympics event held in the world’s most populous country. What made this year’s prestigious event special is the introduction of the first digitized fiat currency e-CNY.  e-CNY is China’s CBDC that rolled out two years ago. It was first used as a subsidy … Read more