Central Bank Of Norway Is Using Ethereum To Launch Its Digital Currency

In the past two years, many countries have sought advancements and growth in the crypto-blockchain sector. Although some countries continue despising and rejecting cryptocurrencies, the majority have realized the importance of their adoption. This is the reason why the cryptocurrency industry has been advancing on a global level. Seeing the potential of blockchain technology, many … Read more

Brazilian Securities Watchdog Wants Changes In Crypto Bill

The CVM, the securities watchdog in Brazil, recently demanded that the crypto bill, which is slated for discussion in Congress be changed. The current document reportedly has a loophole that the organization wishes to correct, as it would mean that some tokens are not treated as securities like carbon credits and tokenized physical items. The … Read more

Elon Musk’s Dogecoin Lawsuit Grows As More Defendants Join

A lawsuit worth $258 billion had been filed against Elon Musk, Spacex, and Tesla for the promotion of Dogecoin. It appears that the lawsuit has now expanded, as new DOGE investors and defendants have also joined in. According to the plaintiffs, the meme token i.e. Dogecoin is just another Ponzi scheme and claims that Musk … Read more

Crypto Launderer Vinnik’s Lawyer Calls On Russia To Talk About US Prisoner Swap

Alexander Vinnik, a Russian IT specialist, had recently been extradited to the United States. A lawyer representing the alleged crypto launderer reached out to the government in Moscow. The attorney urged it to talk about a potential prisoner exchange with the US. The French legal expert believes that Vinnik can only be saved if he … Read more

A Very Credible Bitcoin Analyst Has A Very Alarming Prediction To Make For Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s (BTC) price may experience a great dip in the upcoming days which may see its value drop by 50%. The latest prediction surrounding Bitcoin suggests that the largest cryptocurrency may record a 50% dip compared to its current trading price. Fear Grows for Bitcoin Winter With every passing day, the situation has been getting … Read more

Comedian Bill Murray’s Wallet Hacked For $186K Worth Of Ethereum

On September 1st, 2022, approximately 119.2 ether (ETH) tokens were drained from the wallet of American comedian and actor, Bill Murray. This was after he had conducted a charity auction related to non-fungible tokens (NFTs). As per statistics, most of the NFTs and tokens in the wallet have been moved and tokens worth $556 are … Read more

FBI Profiles Onecoin Scam’s Ruja Ignatova As Top 10 Most Wanted Fugitive

In a new podcast, the Onecoin cryptocurrency scam, along with its co-founder Ruja Ignatova, was profiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Onecoin has come to be recognized as one of the biggest scams to happen in the crypto space and its co-founder, who is also referred to as the ‘Crypto Queen’ is now … Read more

Kazakhstan Gets $1.5M From Fees On Crypto Mining In Q1 2022

In recent news, the Kazakhstani government has raised $1.5M (652M Kazakhstani tenges) in Q1 2022. This revenue is from the fees it imposed on cryptocurrency miners in 2022. Despite the opposition to a tax on crypto mining in April, the country has made some revenue. The report states, “The fee depends on the amount of … Read more

Crypto Miners Use 2% Of Power Consumption In Russia

According to a government report by Russia, crypto miners use over 2% of power consumption. Hence, officials are calling for a regulation of the sector. Crypto Miners Use More Electricity Compared To Agriculture According to the latest report, miners in Russia consume more power than farmers. Currently, crypto miners use over 2% of total electricity … Read more

China Re-emerges As 2nd BTC Mining Hub Even After Ban On Crypto

The Chinese government’s mandate to ban crypto operations seems to have been ineffective. This is coming after a recent report stated that China was part of the world’s first three largest Bitcoin mining centers. Are BTC Miners Secretly Mining In China? According to the latest news from CBEC (Cambridge Bitcoin Electricity Consumption Index), China has … Read more