Hive Blockchain Exploring New Mineable Coins Before Ethereum Merge

With Ethereum scheduled to make its transition from the Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus algorithm to Proof-of-Stake (PoS), crypto miner Hive Blockchain has been exploring alternatives for replacing Ethereum. Latest update On Tuesday, the Canadian crypto mining company posted its latest production update in which it said that it was looking at other coins. With the Ethereum … Read more

Quantum Blockchain Unveil Fast And Energy Efficient Mining Algorithm

Quantum Blockchain has introduced a new BTC mining algorithm. It will improve the energy efficiency and speed of the present crypto mining gear.  As per the business, it has now moved on to live tests of BTC mining. It will use the usual version of the SHA-256 algorithm. Quantum wants to gather real-time data to … Read more

Here’s Ripple’s Approach To Understanding NFT Collectors

The emergence and explosion of non-fungible tokens has been rapid, and the changes to the crypto industry are felt by all involved. But the growth comes with some form of confusion as key players like creators, collectors, and analysts need to understand the daily dynamics and trends to enable them to maximize the returns on … Read more

Qantas Airline Announces NFT Airdrop for Flyers

Qantas Airline has jumped on the NFT train with its plan to airdrop NFTs to their consistent flyers. It isn’t a surprise that the Australian airline has stepped into the NFT world, considering the widespread adoption of NFTs and their evolving use cases in various fields. Qantas disclosed the NFT drop would occur before the … Read more

Bank of Santander to Offer Loans Backed By Tokenized Agricultural Products

The Argentinian branch of the Spanish financial entity, Bank of Santander, will offer crop-tokenized loans to farmers. According to reports, the bank is partnering with Agrotoken to execute this proposition. Agrotoken is a crypto startup that focuses on tokenizing crops. Collaborating with the Bank of Santander will eliminate the hassles encountered by borrowers in the … Read more

JPMorgan Presents Quantum-Resistant Blockchain Research

According to JPMorgan, Quantum Key Distribution is the sole technique mathematically demonstrated to guard against a hypothetical quantum software cyberattack. According to JPMorgan Chase, a QKD blockchain network that is impervious to attacks by quantum computers has been developed by the banking behemoth. QKD combines quantum physics and encryption to allow two parties to exchange … Read more

Cardano’s Commercial Arm to Invest $100M Into Blockchain

Following the recent partnership between Cardano and Chainlink, the blockchain’s commercial arm Emurgo has reportedly announced that it would invest $100M into  Cardano to facilitate its DeFi projects and NFTs. It implies that Emurgo would be launching a new product that focuses on startups that want to build on the blockchain. The company made the … Read more