How To Purchase Crypto In Canada – A Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, and Dogecoin are being purchased in increasing numbers in Canada, likely due to the increasing popularity of digital currencies overall. This trend is likely to continue as more people become interested in cryptocurrencies and the opportunities they provide for investment and speculation. This is probably due to the increasing interest in … Read more

Snowfall Protocol Collects $3 Million During Its First Two Presale Rounds

The development of Snowfall Protocol is a very entertaining process to look at especially considering the intensity of competition in the market it tries to penetrate. The crypto industry has solid solutions for finance management in the world of blockchain. Polygon and Eos are two good examples, both with good numbers and sound roadmaps. However, … Read more

A List Of Top Crypto Wallets

Traders need crypto wallets to secure and confirm their personal information. In order to sell, trade, and purchase cryptocurrencies, cold and hot storage come in two different forms: hardware and software. Unlike cryptocurrency exchanges, there are also specialized custom crypto wallets. Here are some of the best cryptocurrency wallets listed below: For novices, Coinbase Wallets … Read more

What Is Cryptocurrency Trading? – An In-depth Guide for Beginners

An Intro To Trading And Investment Before starting to know about cryptocurrency we all need to know about trading. What is trading? What are the benefits of trading? And how it plays a role in the rise in financial conditions? Trading is a fundamental concept all over the world in which buying and selling factors … Read more

Algorand Emerges As A High Mover Amidst Crypto Market Crash, Experiences A 10% Surge

As the tradition goes, the cryptocurrency industry started Saturday on a usual note, experiencing a downtrend. For days, the cryptocurrency industry has been nothing more than tragic for investors. Algorand Performed Well Fortunately, the situation was not the same for the Algorand (ALGO) investors. The ALGO community was in for a huge surprise as they … Read more

JUST (JST) Token Based On Tron Network Experiences A 1000% Rally On FTX

JUST (JST), a cryptocurrency based on the Tron network has experienced a major climb in trading value in recent trading sessions. JST Jumps Almost 1000% According to the price movement data of JST, it has recorded a 1000% surge in value. This has happened as the users on FTX are eager to find ways to … Read more

MetaMask Introduces a New DApp to Let Users Move Tokens to Different Blockchains

ConsenSys, a major software technology firm based on blockchain technology has been constantly expanding its services and technology. Ultimately, ConsenSys wants to bring as much expansion to blockchain interoperability as possible. ConsenSys has made the same attempt by launching a new tool but this time, it has taken things to the next level. ConsenSys Announces … Read more

Google’s ‘Blockchain Node Engine’ Sets In Motion To Serve Ethereum Blockchain

Google Honors Ethereum With Its Blockchain Node Engine Alphabet Inc. (widely recognized as ‘Google’) has successfully launched ‘Blockchain Node Engine’ which is based on Google Cloud on 27th October, 2022. According to Google, in its initial phase of operations, the node engine will honor the world’s second largest blockchain network namely Ethereum Blockchain. As regards … Read more

Tether Has Recently Frozen 8.2 Million USDT On Ethereum Blockchain, Data Reveals

Tether, the issuer of the largest stablecoin ‘USDT’ has just proceeded with freezing a large number of USDTs. The reports confirm that the USDTs frozen by Tether are all on the Ethereum blockchain. Over $8 Million USDT Frozen Whale Alert, a major cryptocurrency monitoring resource has shared details surrounding Tether’s recent activity. According to the … Read more

Polygon’s Trading Price To Surge To $0.86 Based On Weakening Price Of USD

In the latest trading sessions, the market has witnessed a significant push in the trading price of Polygon (MATIC). On October 13, the trading price of MATIC reportedly formed a long tail. Bulls are Showing Aggression The long tail formed for MATIC has made it clear that the bulls are currently bullish. They are aggressively … Read more

Binance Plans To Invest Up To $1 Billion In Crypto-Blockchain Developments By Year’s End

The cryptocurrency winter has now lasted more than what the analysts and market experts had predicted. Due to the constant market downtrend, many cryptocurrency firms have resorted to either downsizing or decommissioning. Binance Plans to Grow Bigger Even some of the major entities linked with the world of cryptocurrencies such as Robinhood, WazirX, The Celsius … Read more

Potential Exploit Caused Half Of BSC, Confirmed By BNB Chain

Binance exchange’s blockchain network, BNB Chain was reportedly paused due to some irregular activity. By now, it has been determined by the cybersecurity teams at Binance that it was a potential exploit. Exploit Occurred on October 6 The irregular activity was reportedly detected on October 6 and then the cybersecurity teams jumped in to identify … Read more

Solana Suffers Yet Another Downtime (Outage), Trigger Concerns Over Network’s Bad Design

The Solana blockchain network has suffered yet another major outage, which is not a good sign for the network at all. The Solana network ended up facing downtime, which caused a huge problem for the validators. Due to the outage, the entire network stopped, which also impacted the blocking process on the blockchain. The validators … Read more

Hive Blockchain Exploring New Mineable Coins Before Ethereum Merge

With Ethereum scheduled to make its transition from the Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus algorithm to Proof-of-Stake (PoS), crypto miner Hive Blockchain has been exploring alternatives for replacing Ethereum. Latest update On Tuesday, the Canadian crypto mining company posted its latest production update in which it said that it was looking at other coins. With the Ethereum … Read more

Quantum Blockchain Unveil Fast And Energy Efficient Mining Algorithm

Quantum Blockchain has introduced a new BTC mining algorithm. It will improve the energy efficiency and speed of the present crypto mining gear.  As per the business, it has now moved on to live tests of BTC mining. It will use the usual version of the SHA-256 algorithm. Quantum wants to gather real-time data to … Read more

Here’s Ripple’s Approach To Understanding NFT Collectors

The emergence and explosion of non-fungible tokens has been rapid, and the changes to the crypto industry are felt by all involved. But the growth comes with some form of confusion as key players like creators, collectors, and analysts need to understand the daily dynamics and trends to enable them to maximize the returns on … Read more

Qantas Airline Announces NFT Airdrop for Flyers

Qantas Airline has jumped on the NFT train with its plan to airdrop NFTs to their consistent flyers. It isn’t a surprise that the Australian airline has stepped into the NFT world, considering the widespread adoption of NFTs and their evolving use cases in various fields. Qantas disclosed the NFT drop would occur before the … Read more

Bank of Santander to Offer Loans Backed By Tokenized Agricultural Products

The Argentinian branch of the Spanish financial entity, Bank of Santander, will offer crop-tokenized loans to farmers. According to reports, the bank is partnering with Agrotoken to execute this proposition. Agrotoken is a crypto startup that focuses on tokenizing crops. Collaborating with the Bank of Santander will eliminate the hassles encountered by borrowers in the … Read more

JPMorgan Presents Quantum-Resistant Blockchain Research

According to JPMorgan, Quantum Key Distribution is the sole technique mathematically demonstrated to guard against a hypothetical quantum software cyberattack. According to JPMorgan Chase, a QKD blockchain network that is impervious to attacks by quantum computers has been developed by the banking behemoth. QKD combines quantum physics and encryption to allow two parties to exchange … Read more

Cardano’s Commercial Arm to Invest $100M Into Blockchain

Following the recent partnership between Cardano and Chainlink, the blockchain’s commercial arm Emurgo has reportedly announced that it would invest $100M into  Cardano to facilitate its DeFi projects and NFTs. It implies that Emurgo would be launching a new product that focuses on startups that want to build on the blockchain. The company made the … Read more