Cardano Creator Predicts That Crypto Markets Could Decouple And Break Off Into Separate Economies

Since its inception, it is very obvious that the crypto market is very much looking forward to becoming an entity separate from most traditional financial markets.

While it obviously wants to continue to work with these traditional markets, it would only want to do so at on its own rules. And one such creator of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, believes that the time for cryptocurrencies is coming near.

In fact, according to his findings, he believes that the decoupling could happen in as little as two or three years. Hoskinson believes that cryptocurrencies can significantly develop in just a few short years, to the point that they could branch out into their own separate economies.

His Interview with Fox Business News

Hoskinson has been very vocal about how he sees the paradigm of cryptocurrencies start to shift from its original conception. And in his latest interview with Fox Business News, Hoskinson made it very clear how cryptocurrencies would eventually change.

During the interview, Hoskinson pointed out that he thought that people would initially use cryptocurrencies as safe haven, protecting them from traditional currencies.

However, by studying cryptocurrencies and the market that they inhabit, it has become very evident that cryptocurrencies have seen a price correlation with assets like the S&P 500.

But even though it does share some similarities, cryptocurrencies still have plenty of time to mature. Once they do, they can even start operating independently from various other investment classes.

The Innovation Happening Across Different Projects

Hoskinson believes greatly in the overall benefits that cryptocurrencies can bring, since he believes that they can cancel out any of the negatives as well, such as the increased volatility.

But more importantly, he also believes that all of the innovation that the industry is experiencing can significantly benefit investors and easily balance out any major criticisms that people might have.

He points specifically to the merge update from Ethereum and Vasil from ADA, which is both innovative solutions to major complaints that have existed throughout the crypto space.

The Merge has been especially prominent in the crypto space since it was able to almost eliminate the mining problem that persisted throughout the market. Mining was a very electrically intensive operation, which would often require as much electricity as a small country.

By understanding how Ether specifically contributes to that figure, its development team started working on transitioning it from a mining to a staking model, taking away the need for mining.

One Step at a Time

Cryptocurrencies still have a long way to go before they can be completely independent, but it is taking small steps to reach there. And with time and each new innovation, it will eventually get there.

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