Cardano Founder Suggests Every Country Needs a Crypto Strategy

Founder of Cardano and CEO of IOHK, Charles Hoskinson, has given El Salvador credit for doing such a great job in making Bitcoin legal tender.

El Salvador is currently the only place where Bitcoin has been marked as legal tender. The country’s law related to Bitcoin was just introduced this month, ordering all businesses to implement payment systems that will also support Bitcoin payments. This is obviously a great thing for not only El Salvador but the whole crypto industry in general. As the successful implementation of cryptocurrencies in El Salvador flourishes, social media sites have been filled with content, showing how easy it has become for people to perform trade using Bitcoin.

Charles Hoskinson congratulated the government of El Salvador for their extremely crucial efforts to bring cryptocurrency as something mainstream. Hoskinson put out a separate video on his YouTube channel, which has almost 300k subs, in which he shared his positive views on the matter. Charles said that Bitcoin becoming legal tender in El Salvador is basically a huge victory for everyone in the crypto industry. Charles mentioned some past experiences, that when he first got involved in the crypto industry, there were only thousands of people, but now the industry has seen such a massive growth as now crypto industry comprises of millions of people around the world.

Hoskinson also mentioned some of the friends he lost in the journey and said that those people played a very vital role in evolving the crypto industry into what it has become today. He continued to comment about the progress of crypto, stating that the growth of crypto, in general, is so high that countries have started looking to fully legalize it on the path to mainstream around the globe, and it makes him proud to be involved in such an amazing industry. He added that because crypto has the potential to globalize, every country must have some sort of strategy ready in order to handle it and assure regulations.

Panama is also looking to legalize crypto, as one of the members of the opposition submitted a document to congress in hopes of making crypto legal.