Bitcoin Can Help Governments Develop Their CBDCs, Reports Says

The growing interest in CBDCs is at an all-time high, with many countries on the verge of developing their electronic fiat currencies. However, this has created some level of curiosity, with many experts asking if a CBDC is secure as claimed, efficient in international payments, and, more importantly, can be developed cheaply. This curiosity is … Read more

“CBDC Won’t Affect Stablecoins Issuance,” Says Tether CTO

With over 110 countries developing their CBDC, experts raise concerns about the position of stablecoins in the global financial sphere and whether the emergence of CBDCs would threaten them. The topic has been a subject of debate, with experts like Paolo Ardoino weighing in. The Tether CTO said that despite the efforts of various central … Read more

India Will Launch Its CBDC This Year, Indian Finance Minister Says

Following China’s digital Yuan launch, the pressure to launch a CBDC fell on major world countries. While the United States and EU nations are still debating the benefits and risks of a digitized currency, India has stepped up on the pedal with a surprise announcement of their CBDC. According to India’s Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, … Read more

China’s Digital Yuan Enjoys Massive Adoption with More Than $300,000 Payment Recorded In a Day

The much-talked-about Winter Olympics in China is underway and unlike any other Olympics event held in the world’s most populous country. What made this year’s prestigious event special is the introduction of the first digitized fiat currency e-CNY.  e-CNY is China’s CBDC that rolled out two years ago. It was first used as a subsidy … Read more

Central Retail Corp Plans to Develop and Trial Its Digital Currency 

Central Retail Corp is a major retail firm in Thailand and has recently announced that it is testing a virtual currency among its employees. When this trial phase ends, the retail firm is planning to expand the scope of the digital currency to include its customers and the public. This was reported by Bloomberg on … Read more

Bitcoin Whale Buys $23 Million Worth of BTC

Market declines often present themselves as an opportunity for traders to get into the market at a discount. A Bitcoin whale said to own the third-largest Bitcoin wallet has taken advantage of the current dip to buy more of the flagship cryptocurrency. According to reports, his latest purchase is almost 500 BTC valued at $23 … Read more