Norwegian Parliament Rejects Proposed Ban On BTC Mining

On the 10th of May, 2022, the Norwegian parliament cast a vote rejecting a proposal to outlaw the mining of bitcoins inside the nation. Cryptocurrency miners received some welcome relief as a result of the positive development. At the beginning of March 2022, the Red Party, the communist party in Norway, made the first recommendation … Read more

Uzbekistan Enforces Solar Crypto Mining With Added Tax Incentives

According to reports, Uzbekistan’s government has officially approved crypto mining activities. However, crypto mining companies will only be permitted to operate using renewable energy sources such as solar power. Cryptocurrency Mining To Be Conducted Using Only Solar Power Uzbekistan has just legalized crypto mining, but only under one strict condition: all mining firms and facilities … Read more

Kazakhstan Power Consumption Report Compulsory For Crypto Miners

As part of Kazakhstan’s efforts to reduce power use, cryptocurrency mining businesses will be obliged to provide detailed details about their activities. Kazakhstan Introduces Stringent Rules For Crypto Miners  According to a recent report, the government of Kazakhstan has established new reporting criteria for crypto mining companies to understand the impact of the sector’s energy … Read more

Tesla May Start Accepting BTC As Bitcoin Mining Council Release Report

A recent report by the Bitcoin Mining Council has confirmed that over 58.4% of BTC mining is powered by a “sustainable energy mix.”Meanwhile, Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, commented that his company would begin accepting BTC when green energy consumption by miners becomes at least 50%.  Tesla CEO And The Bitcoin Mining Council Musk participated in … Read more

U.S. Representative Introduces Bill To Privatize Louisiana’s Mining Power Zones

As more government agencies become aware of the numerous potential that cryptocurrency mining could offer to their respective regions, a member of the United States House of Representatives has attempted to bring these economic benefits to Louisiana. Wright Presents Bill To Establish Energy Zones For Crypto Miners Mark Wright, a crypto enthusiast and Rep. for … Read more

Argentinian Community Invests In Cryptocurrency Mining To Combat Inflation And Repair Infrastructure

A community in Argentina has chosen to invest in the crypto industry by going into mining cryptocurrency. The primary purpose of this decision is that it plans to use the revenue generated from the mining to upgrade its infrastructure and combat inflation. The city of Sorradino, located in the Santa Fe Province in Argentina, might … Read more

Crypto Strives For Validity In Africa Amidst Its Increasing Usage

Africa is witnessing a tremendous increase in cryptocurrency usage, but the regulatory framework continues to be a significant impediment. Blockchain analytics company, Chainalysis, reports that Cryptomania is overtaking Africa at a quicker rate than anyplace else in the globe, with trading volumes increasing by 1,200 percent between 2020 and 2021, the fastest growth rate globally.  … Read more

WisdomTree Widens its Cryptocurrency Services in Europe With the Introduction of ADA, DOT, and SOL ETPs

There are three novel cryptocurrencies ETPs that WisdomTree, a company located in New York that makes ETFs and ETPs, declared on 29th March. They are supported by the SOL, ADA, and DOT ETPs.  WisdomTree Crypto ETPs WisdomTree Polkadot (DOTW) is one of 3 additional exchange-traded products with a physical backing, the others being WisdomTree Solana … Read more

Coinbase Takeover Of Brazil’s Crypto Startup 2TM

One of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world, Coinbase, is on the verge of taking over one of the largest crypto startups in Brazil, 2TM. According to available details, 2TM is a Brazil-based company managing the biggest crypto brokerage firm in Latin America, Mercado Bitcoin. The deal is expected to take effect by … Read more

Qantas Airline Announces NFT Airdrop for Flyers

Qantas Airline has jumped on the NFT train with its plan to airdrop NFTs to their consistent flyers. It isn’t a surprise that the Australian airline has stepped into the NFT world, considering the widespread adoption of NFTs and their evolving use cases in various fields. Qantas disclosed the NFT drop would occur before the … Read more