Shiba Inu Developers Announce the Launch of a Doggy DAO

The initial iteration of Doggy DAO, a DAO for Shiba Inu owners, went live on ShibaSwap on 18th February, based on the program’s developers. The ShibArmy has created Doggy DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization. Voting in the Doggy DAO is done with the BONE token, used as an energy source. The more BONE you have, … Read more

JPMorgan Presents Quantum-Resistant Blockchain Research

According to JPMorgan, Quantum Key Distribution is the sole technique mathematically demonstrated to guard against a hypothetical quantum software cyberattack. According to JPMorgan Chase, a QKD blockchain network that is impervious to attacks by quantum computers has been developed by the banking behemoth. QKD combines quantum physics and encryption to allow two parties to exchange … Read more

US Bank Introduces Bitcoin Custody Services

As time passes, more and more traditional financial institutions are succumbing to the increasing popularity of the cryptocurrency market. U.S. Bank of Minneapolis, Minnesota, is the latest addition to this list. The vice president of the bank, Gunjan Kedia, has recently told CNBC that the bank has completed all preparations for offering crypto custody services … Read more

First Switzerland Cryptocurrency Fund Approved 

Switzerland has approved its first cryptocurrency fund. This was announced today by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). This means that the Crypto Market Index Fund is officially approved and recognized by the law. The Crypto Market Index Fund just approved will allow qualified investors to invest in the cryptocurrency assets they want.  The … Read more