Payback Ltd Review – How to Get Money Back From Crypto Mining Scams

Payback Ltd Review Unfortunately, you might encounter scammers when your day-to-day undertakings. Online fraudsters are always looking for their vulnerable targets. Some internet activities scammers target are online dating, online trading, and playing casino games. The worst thing is that some fraudulent activities can leave you bankrupt or depressed. However, what can you do after … Read more

IRA Financial Trust Gets Hacked for $36 Million

Hackers aren’t relenting in 2022 and have added another milestone to their long lists of achievements. Many investors that ventured into IRA Financial Trust with the hope of securing their future in digital assets have hit an unexpected turn, as they reportedly lost their funds to hackers.  Reports have it that the South Dakota-based financial … Read more

Crypto Ponzi Scammer Bags Seven Years Jail Term

Stefan Qin, an Australian college dropout, has been found guilty of defrauding people to the tune of $90m using digital currencies as cover. Qin, who ran the crypto scam firm Virgil Sigma, lied to his ‘investors’ that their funds will be invested in crypto arbitrages across 45 crypto exchanges and offer more than 450% returns … Read more

Claim Justice Review – How Claim Justice Helps You Recover Your Scammed Funds?

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Brazilian Police Department Seizes 591 BTC Amid the Biggest Crypto Seizure of the Country

The police department of Brazil seized up to 591 Bitcoins, valuing roughly 150M in Brazilian real and $28.6M, during a crackdown over a suspected scam group. CNN Brazil reported that five persons were arrested by the federal police while doing an investigation Operation Kryptos. The department pointed out that the persons were linked with the … Read more