With No Gains in Sight, SHIB Community Expects a Surge by End of December

In the year 2022, Shiba Inu (SHIB) has turned out to be a highly sustained cryptocurrency. The meme coin has been moving alongside the general trajectory as investors keep it sustained. Even the sell-offs carried out by the sellers are sustained and the same goes for the meme coin purchases. Are There Signs of Bullish … Read more

JUST (JST) Token Based On Tron Network Experiences A 1000% Rally On FTX

JUST (JST), a cryptocurrency based on the Tron network has experienced a major climb in trading value in recent trading sessions. JST Jumps Almost 1000% According to the price movement data of JST, it has recorded a 1000% surge in value. This has happened as the users on FTX are eager to find ways to … Read more

MetaMask Introduces a New DApp to Let Users Move Tokens to Different Blockchains

ConsenSys, a major software technology firm based on blockchain technology has been constantly expanding its services and technology. Ultimately, ConsenSys wants to bring as much expansion to blockchain interoperability as possible. ConsenSys has made the same attempt by launching a new tool but this time, it has taken things to the next level. ConsenSys Announces … Read more

Marathon CEO Claims Their Digital Holdings Firm Ranks No. 2 For Bitcoin Holdings

Marathon Digital Holdings has recently made a major claim in regard to its Bitcoin holdings. One of the largest Bitcoin mining companies has claimed that it has become Bitcoin’s second-largest holder. Marathon Holdings is among the handful of crypto-based companies that are publicly listed. The company has revealed that the Bitcoin it holds ranks it … Read more

With Continuation Of Crypto Winter, Three Crypto Exchange-Traded Funds Would Be Delisted In Australia

As the cryptocurrency winter continues without showing no signs of recovery, three major ETFs for cryptocurrencies would shut down in Australia. Three Crypto ETFs to Shut Down It is being reported that three major cryptocurrency exchange-traded funds (ETFs) would be shut down in Australia in light of the ongoing crypto winter. According to the reporting … Read more

Constant Dogecoin Rallies Have Helped Meme Coin Rise Over 200-Day Moving Average

The trading price of Dogecoin (DOGE) has started experiencing a strong rally and it is all thanks to Twitter. The social media giant’s latest developments have changed the entire situation for DOGE. DOGE Price is over 200-Day MA The recent developments involving Twitter and its acquisition by Elon Musk have helped push DOGE’s price over … Read more

Judge Has Order For A Probe To Be Launched To Investigate True Nature Of Celsius

With every passing week, new developments are being made when it comes to the Celsius case. The cryptocurrency asset manager has been under great pressure since it filed for bankruptcy. There are several indicators pointing towards the Celsius network being nothing more than a scam or a Ponzi scheme. Judge Launched a Probe against Celsius … Read more

The UK House Of Commons Now Recognizes Crypto Assets As Regulated Financial Instruments

The crypto market continues to struggle under the weight of current macroeconomic conditions. As the rest of the market continues to struggle to find investors who want to invest in the crypto market as a whole, countries are starting to take notice of what the rest of the market has to offer. In fact, it … Read more

Coinbase CEO Predicts That Bitcoin Adoption Will Significantly Increase And Become The New Gold

Coinbase remains one of the most successful crypto platforms in the market right now, despite the many companies that have come since. Even though the company has faced some animosity over the years that it has been working in the field, people still have a hard time trying to choose another. But as the crypto … Read more

Banking Sector in Chile Opens Gates for Crypto Exchanges

Beginning of New Chapter in Chile Chile has been one of the fewest countries in the world where it was impossible for a crypto exchange to obtain banking services. The idea of allowing crypto exchanges to open an account with a bank was absent in Chile. However, a new chapter has begun in the country … Read more

Google’s ‘Blockchain Node Engine’ Sets In Motion To Serve Ethereum Blockchain

Google Honors Ethereum With Its Blockchain Node Engine Alphabet Inc. (widely recognized as ‘Google’) has successfully launched ‘Blockchain Node Engine’ which is based on Google Cloud on 27th October, 2022. According to Google, in its initial phase of operations, the node engine will honor the world’s second largest blockchain network namely Ethereum Blockchain. As regards … Read more

Peter Brandt Claims Dogecoin Bear Market Is Over

The Dogecoin bear market began last year in May, but according to the veteran trader, Peter Brandt, it has now come to an end. His comment came after the price of Dogecoin rose following the acquisition of the social media network Twitter by Elon Musk, the chief executive of Tesla. Dogecoin analysis On Sunday, the … Read more

Binance Gets Closer to Finding Hacker Responsible for $570 Million Hack

The crypto space has recently been riddled with some of the worst crypto hacks to be seen in the modern day. Not only has the volume of the attacks grown in recent months, but their scope has as well. Last year, the biggest hack was a little over $600 million that hackers stole close to … Read more

US Judge Orders Imprisonment Of Bitcoin Ponzi Operator

A bitcoin Ponzi operator had pleaded guilty back in 2015 for committing securities fraud and a district judge recently issued an order for the arrest and imprisonment of the individual in question. This was after he had ignored several orders of the court and did not pay $40 million to the US Securities and Exchange … Read more

Binance Wants Clarity On European Union Crypto Regulations, Continues Serving Non-Sanctioned Russians

In recent weeks, the European Union has continued tightening sanctions on Russia. The recent wave of sanctions has forced several crypto exchanges to stop offering services to Russian locals. Binance Keeps Offering Services to Russians Despite the sanctions being implemented by the European Union, the largest crypto exchange Binance has continued operating for the Russians. … Read more

Apple Introduces Stricter App Store Rules For Crypto And NFTs

Apple Inc. recently introduced new guidelines for developers who want their apps to be included in the company’s App Store. The guidelines indicate that crypto exchange apps should only allow crypto transfers to exchanges that are approved. If payments are required for unlocking functionality and features, the company said that only ‘in-app purchase currencies’ can … Read more

FTX Will Soon Be Delisting Various Crypto Assets

With the crypto market being in a uniquely the precarious situation, various companies are starting to feel the heat. 2022 saw a number of big companies in the crypto space resigning, In fact, the resignation of these different crypto firms has led to increased regulatory pressures throughout the market. Europe was quick to bring up … Read more

Despite Crypto Market Downtrend, Women are Bullish towards Crypto

The year 2022 has proven to be a great test of patience for the cryptocurrency community, which mainly has bullish sentiments for cryptocurrencies. As the cryptocurrency industry has constantly moved towards a decline, many investors have continued leaving the industry. Many investors have lost hope and confidence in cryptocurrencies and this is not a good … Read more

Laguna Labs Has Announced Launch Of Testnet For Its Inflation-Pegged “Flatcoin”

Laguna Labs, a major blockchain tech firm has announced the launch of testnet for “flatcoin”. Although the particular token is still in development mode, the platform has decided to go for the testnet. Testnet for Flatcoin The officials at Laguna Labs have revealed that despite being in the development phase, they have decided to launch … Read more