CRYPTOP Review – Is CRYPTOP Scam or Legit?


CRYPTOP logoIf you want to jump onto the trading bandwagon, then you need to know that finding a broker is the first and most important step you have to take. Some may not consider this a major decision, but you should be aware that the broker is responsible for providing you the instruments, the tools and platform and charges the fee that you have to pay for online trading. Hence, their role is a notable one and can influence your experience and bottom line. You have to know what you are signing up for and this is where you will find this CRYPTOP review useful.

Since there are hundreds of brokers in the financial markets, you cannot just pick one randomly. Who doesn’t want the best value for their money? The only way to get that is by finding out what a broker is offering and then making your decision accordingly. Thus, you have to know the prominent features available and this applies to CRYPTOP as well, a forex and CFD brokerage that’s based in Zurich, Switzerland. They have been offering their services for 12 years, which is a big advantage, but you need to know their prominent features as well. Let’s get started with this review:

Extensive Asset Offerings

The first and most prominent feature that you will come across at CRYPTOP is their extensive asset offerings. People profit in the financial markets by trading different assets and the ones you have at your disposal will depend on the platform you choose. It should be noted that not all brokers will offer you the same choices, so you have to play it smart and look for one that can offer you the best choices that can help you in reaching your targets quickly and easily.

CRYPTOP website

There are more than 100 options that CRYPTOP is offering to you and these belong to some of the world’s most renowned financial markets. You can choose from a list of forex currency pairs, stocks and indices as well as commodities like oil and metals. There are bonds that can be traded and you can also choose from digital currency pairs, as the crypto market is a hot one nowadays. Thanks to such an extensive list of options to choose from, you will be able to diversify your investment. This comes in handy for minimizing your risks and maximizing your profits.

Excellent Security Infrastructure

Of course, you cannot sign up with a broker based on their asset offerings alone and CRYPTOP has also provided excellent security infrastructure to add to its value. After all, security is a major concern for online traders because cyber breaches are very common and hackers and other cybercriminals can steal your money and your personal information for illegal purposes. Who wants to be a victim? No one does, which means opting for a brokerage that can provide you a solid security infrastructure.

You will find that segregated accounts are maintained by CRYPTOP for its clients, which keep all customers’ funds safe. They are kept in separate accounts and only used for trading activities, so they don’t get misappropriated or misused. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption certificates are also used on the website for protecting all personal and financial information. Finally, the company also follows AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know-Your-Customer) rules.

These are two of the most renowned security policies and allow CRYPTOP to mitigate the risk of financial fraud, money laundering and identity theft by asking all who sign up on their platform to provide documents for proof of ID and address.

Variety of Account Options

CRYPTOP account options

You have to open a trading account with a broker in order to access their services. A variety is usually given by most brokers and they don’t follow any standard format for this purpose. Therefore, you have to check out the options and find out if they are suitable for your trading needs. The purpose of the accounts is to reflect on a trader’s capital limitations, trading style and risk tolerance. As CRYPTOP aims to offer its trading services to people from all backgrounds, they have added three options you can check out.

Option one is known as the Micro account, which has a minimum deposit requirement of $250 and is for beginners. You get customer support, a dedicated account manager and daily signals in this account. The second account at CRYPTOP is called Standard, which targets intermediate traders and asks for $2,500 in deposit. It adds a daily financial advisor to the other features. The last account is called Premium and this one is created for advanced, skilled and professional traders. It has the highest minimum deposit requirement at $25,000 and offers all features the broker has to offer, including premium support, daily analysis and services of a daily trading expert.

Top-Notch Customer Support

What will you do if you get stuck with a problem via trading? It could be with the broker’s deposit method, or a technical issue with the trading platform. Where do you go? This is where the customer support provided by the company will play an important role. Lack of support can turn your experience into a nightmare and CRYPTOP has ensured that this doesn’t happen to you on its platform. They have a team of professionals who can provide you with timely support.

You can use a number of channels to contact CRYPTOP’s customer support 24/5. They have given multiple email addresses and phone numbers and you can also fill out the online contact form on their website for scheduling a callback at your convenience. You are also provided the option of using live chat in case you have an urgent issue and need immediate help.


You will also find a powerful and easy-to-use trading platform provided by CRYPTOP and some of the most competitive trading conditions. Their registration process is easy and fast and they have given educational resources and advanced trading tools that can all add value to your trading journey and help you make the most of your experience.