Revenue For Ethereum Mining Increases To 95k In a Day

According to the latest reports, the earnings from Ethereum mining have exceeded 95k ETH in one day. Also, handling fees were responsible for 85.9% of the total income generated. Ethereum Mining Becomes Very Profitable Despite High Gas Fees With the recent rise in DeFi (Decentralized Finance) activity, ETH miners’ income has reached 95,000 ETH in … Read more

EMURGO Unveils Its Plans To Invest $100 Million In Decentralized Finance Projects

Cardano has recently come into the spotlight of the blockchain world due to its recent update. This month Cardano developers successfully deployed Alonzo hardfork on the ecosystem. This new addition allows the network to be compatible with the smart contracts and can support the decentralized applications that are designed for the said platform. Emurgo is … Read more