Despite Crypto Market Downtrend, Women are Bullish towards Crypto

The year 2022 has proven to be a great test of patience for the cryptocurrency community, which mainly has bullish sentiments for cryptocurrencies.

As the cryptocurrency industry has constantly moved towards a decline, many investors have continued leaving the industry.

Many investors have lost hope and confidence in cryptocurrencies and this is not a good sign for cryptocurrencies.

Whether it is the individual investors or the corporate ones, they have continued leaving the crypto-verse citing no major recovery in the sector.

Women are Bullish

While the majority of the investors leaving the crypto markets are males, women have proven to be more resilient. Despite the upsets, women have remained loyal to cryptocurrencies.

The data shows that compared to male investors, it is female crypto investors that have more patience given the long-term market downtrend.

Survey by BlockFi

BlockFi, a major cryptocurrency investment, and trading platform have posted the results of a survey that it has recently carried out.

The platform has revealed that the survey was carried out among women from all over the United States. These surveys were carried out between September 2021 and March 2022.

The survey among the women was to know their opinions and views about the cryptocurrency industry, and their participation goals in the sector.

Survey Results by BlockFi

According to the survey results shared by BlockFi, 1 out of every 10 women is invested in crypto. These women confirmed that crypto is their first choice among other investment assets.

Out of the total women who have invested in cryptocurrencies, 11% are from Gen Z while 17% are Millennials. Surprisingly, the survey has also revealed people who are from Gen X.

Gen X consists of individuals who were born between the years 1965 and 1980.

More Revelations from the Survey

Although the survey was mainly in favor of cryptocurrencies from the female end, it highlighted one major concern that the crypto industry needs to address.

The major concern is surrounding the education and understanding of the investors in terms of cryptocurrencies.

The survey has highlighted that many people within the cryptocurrency industry do not have much knowledge and information when it comes to cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, it is important that the particular concern be first answered before the crypto sector expects more investors to join the industry.

If the cryptocurrency industry were able to create enough knowledge and awareness surrounding cryptocurrencies, then more people would feel confident in cryptocurrencies.

The survey went on to reveal that the majority of female investors are highly invested in cryptocurrencies.

The survey has confirmed that 81% of women have heard of crypto while 77% have invested in them.

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