Google’s ‘Blockchain Node Engine’ Sets In Motion To Serve Ethereum Blockchain

Google Honors Ethereum With Its Blockchain Node Engine

Alphabet Inc. (widely recognized as ‘Google’) has successfully launched ‘Blockchain Node Engine’ which is based on Google Cloud on 27th October, 2022.

According to Google, in its initial phase of operations, the node engine will honor the world’s second largest blockchain network namely Ethereum Blockchain.

As regards the need of launching node engine, Google suggested that extreme difficult is being faced when deploying the nodes which are self-managed. It said that such nodes require constant supervision and management.

In order to remove the difficulty and for smooth management of such nodes, Google claimed that launching of Cloud based Blockchain Node Engine was necessary.

Functionality of Google’s Node Engine

According to Google, the newly launched Blockchain Node Engine is a self-sufficient node engine. It said further that the engine will be highly beneficial for companies such as Web3 and crypto service providers.

It was further revealed that in the initial phase of its operations, the node engine will exclusively serve Ethereum Blockchain, the world’s second-largest blockchain.

Google suggested that with their node engine support, the developers would be capable of smoothly and seamlessly managing and controlling Ethereum nodes.

Partnership with Coinbase

In its effort to boost Web3 innovation, Google has recently become a business partner with the world’s leading crypto derivative exchange, Coinbase.

Google believes that node support will provide a huge advantage to Web3 companies particularly in recording blockchain data, relaying transactions and organizing digital contracts.

Latest Survey of Blockdata

According to a latest survey compiled by Blockdata, the observations from the survey rank Google as one the world’s leading contribution in blockchain investment.

Huge sums have been poured into by Google in several notable companies associated with blockchains including Fireblocks, Vultage, Drapper Labs etc.

Google’s adoption of blockchain and entry into the digital sector was noticed in May this year. During that month, Google made a statement that it has constituted a Web3 Google Cloud-based team for exploring decentralized finance sector.

It was stated by Google at the relevant time that it was looking to develop mutually benefitting partnerships with tech companies.

The purpose of partnership was revealed to derive benefits from Web3, especially from its distributed nature.

A Huge Benefit For Developers of Web3

Google’s latest launch suggests that Google will render services which will greatly enhance developers’ operations. Now developers can put their focus on managing nodes without being bothered about their network’s infrastructure.

It was further revealed by Google that it plans to provide conclusive technical support to organizations which seek Google’s assistance.

Google said further that with Google Blockchain Node Engine set in motion, the developers can now aim their efforts towards innovation.

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