Money-Back Review – What Makes Money-Back A Unique Fund Recovery Agency?

Money-Back Review

Money-Back logoMoney-Back is a funds recovery service that aims to help traders who become a victim of frauds and scams. This firm not only helps them but also trains them to avoid such types of incidents in the future. In this Money-Back review, I will tell you how this firm works to recover your money.

The online trading world is brimming with lots of fraudsters and scammers who want to exploit every single trader. The number of fake brokers has increased significantly during the last couple of years. Due to this increase, it has become very difficult to differentiate between a reliable broker and a fake one. People think that they are putting the money in the right hands, but in reality, they give the money to never see again. This type of broker does not return the money unless some experienced recovery service gets involved. If you have made this type of mistake, then you have come to the right place because I am sharing details about a really good money recovery service today. Money-Back proved a blessing in disguise for me in my hard times.

Money-Back website


Money-Back started providing its services in early 2017, and it is an Israel (Tel Aviv) based company. The founder of the website is James Anderson, but now it is being operated by Media PR Online Limited. Its head office is located in Tel Aviv, but regional offices are also set in various cities of the UK, Canada, Switzerland, and Australia.

The primary function of Money-Back is to recover funds from helpless traders who lost money through deceptive investment and trading scams. To help its clients in this industry full of scam artists, Money-Back has hired experts who have strong knowledge of the online trading market and cyber-crimes.

Services Provided By Money-Back

Money-Back fights against the unfairness of unregulated brokers who deliberately exploit innocent traders after luring them to deposit funds in fake platforms. Money-Back uses all possible legal means to recover money on behalf of its clients.

Some of the online scams in which Money-Back can prove helpful are given below. The steps which Money-Back takes during the recovery process are also outlined.

Investment And Trading Scams

The objective behind the creation of Money-Back is to recover the assets of traders lost to online frauds, manipulations, and Ponzi schemes. Money-Back is an expert in providing help regarding financial investment and trading.

It has been working for this purpose since 2017, which means that it has vast experience in dealing with fake brokerage firms. Its expertise is expanded to negotiation with banks and credit card companies as well. To recover the money, Money-Back follows six essential steps, which are outlined by its team of experts, which contains traders, lawyers, software engineers, and psychologists. These six steps are as follows:

Representative: Money-Back has hired customer support representatives who respond to calls and emails sent by clients. Their obligation is to provide the required information and register their complaint.

Assessment Of Claim: After the registration of the complaint by customer support representatives, Money-Back starts work to assess the case. It tries to figure out whether the case is winnable or not. If the case seems unwinnable due to lack of proof and proper documentation, Money-Back will not take it because it never wastes the time of its clients.

Beginning Of Work: Money-Back lawyers follow a multifaceted approach for contacting credit card companies involving in scams. Money-Back sends formal letters to a bank whose account is used for the scam and also summons the ombudsman of the bank as well. Money-Back also uncovers the broker in front of the tax department for not paying tax in their country of origin.

Patience Is The Key: The overall length of this whole process cannot be predicted precisely. According to the nature and complexity of the task, recovery may take one month to six months. During this time, you should know that the firm is not sitting idle, and it is making all possible efforts to trace the fraudsters.

Getting Answers: Bringing the scammers to the table for talk is essential to recover money because only this way can a settlement be reached. Sometimes the fear and threat of being sued works, and they agree to return the money. If this tactic works, it proves cheaper and time-saving.

Funds Recovery: Whether the scammers give up the threats or the case verdict supports you, in both cases, your money will be returned to you thanks to the untiring efforts of Money-Back. Money will be transferred either by chargeback or a signed settlement. You will be charged the due fee only after the completion of all this process. Till now, thousands of traders have been able to recover their money with the help of Money-Back.

Consultation And Recovery

Money-Back is offering a beforehand consultation service for some companies as well. Money-Back determines if the broker has a good reputation or not and keeps a record of notices any fraudulent activity to inform its clients later. It checks the companies which seem fraudulent and prevents its clients from possible engagement with them. By utilizing this feature, you can save yourself from becoming their next victim.

Financial Crimes

Financial crimes are not just harmful to individual traders and companies, but they also pose a threat to the entire economy of countries with huge losses of money. Criminals have agreed, which costs them moral values as well, and as a result, they don’t even hesitate to destabilize the market for their personal gain. Money-Back is strongly against this mindset which is why it is leading this fight against fraudulent behavior. Whenever Money-Back notices such kind of activity, it follows its four-step process to eliminate the threat permanently to save everyone. These four steps are given below:

  • Identify the fraudulent activity.
  • Distribute information to law enforcement authorities.
  • Exchange operational information as well.
  • Provide support during operations.

International Banking

International banking crimes occur all the time, especially in online trades by both anonymous and fake-named agencies. The term international banking covers a wide range of crimes, but they all have a similarity in them. The similarity is that they all are international in nature. The professionals of Money-Back are experts in-laws of various companies around the globe that is why they can help in all types of international crimes.

Financial Planning And Full Service Tax

This is the most recently launched service of Money-Back. Now Money-Back is offering tax and accounting services for smaller businesses to advise them and provide them help at every hour of need.

Pricing Structure Of Money-Back

When someone contacts Money-Back for the first time, he is provided a free consultation. After the free initial consultation, Money-Back charges a small service fee which is essential to start the recovery process because it requires a lot of effort. The final fee is charged after the completion of work, that too if your money is recovered successfully. Otherwise, you will be charged only an initial fee. The final fee is not stated on the website because it varies according to the difficulty of suits. But you should not worry about it because usually, it is 7 to 10 percent of the recovered amount. From my point of view, Money-Back deserves this percentage. In addition, you can negotiate this fee as well by contacting customer support representatives.

Customer Support Service

You already know that there is a customer support service of Money-Back through which victims can contact to seek help. After registering their complaint, they can stay in touch with the firm to get to know about the advancement in the recovery of their funds. If you are also in a troubled situation and need to contact Money-Back, then here is how you can contact them.

First of all, you can use the contact form available on the official website of Money-Back. You will need to fill a short form with your name, email, address, and details of the mishap. After filling in all relevant fields, you can click on the ‘send button.

But if you are not comfortable with this method, then you can send an email at Your email will be replied to in a matter of a few minutes.

The third and the most convenient method of communication with Money-Back is the use of phone numbers. You can dial any of the five numbers given on the website to contact Money-Back.

Upon contact, the customer support representatives will ask a few questions to assess your loss and then move the case to senior officials. You will be asked to deposit some necessary documents as well, which will be required in the next stages of the recovery process.

Final Verdict

Money-Back is striving for its customers’ satisfaction. For this purpose, it provides free consultation and charging competitive market fees. It provides a five-star experience to its clients and has simplified the whole recovery process. If you have already become a victim, then I would suggest you not take any chance with other funds recovery firms and rely on Money-Back because it is a tested and reliable place.