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OrbitGTM Review

OrbitGTM logoI recently came across a broker named OrbitGTM, which inspired me so much that I have decided to share my experience with you. It acts as an investment manager, financial advisor, risk administrator, and investment dealer. This OrbitGTM review will give you a chance to evaluate this broker that how this broker fulfills the requirements of modern traders.

Trading without a broker is an extremely risky prospect which is why all experienced traders recommend getting the services of a broker. But they don’t tell which broker you should trust. When a trader commences his search, he comes across thousands of brokers, among which he becomes paralyzed to make a choice. I also faced the same situation but luckily found this amazing broker. This is why I decided to share my experience with other traders through this review.

A brokerage platform always stays in contact with trading markets and exchanges on behalf of its customers. Sometimes brokers act as buyers and sellers for their clients and take the position of a principal party in contracts for their clients. A common-sense question that comes to mind at this position is that why we cannot trade on our own without a broker? The answer to this question is not complicated. First of all, the brokers are experienced in their work up to teeth which is why they can guide us in a better way. And secondly, they are licensed with security exchanges to do this. I was successful in earning a good profit with my money which is why I am recommending this broker to you. Its team is well experienced and capable of providing every feature and service. But the traders who just entered this market need to consider the following key points to measure the characteristics of a broker.

As far as my experience with OrbitGTM is considered, it possesses all the qualities of a good and reliable brokerage platform. The most necessary expectation of a beginner trader is that he wants his broker to stay in touch with him 24/7. The online trading market gives thousands of opportunities at any given time, and it is only possible to utilize them if the broker is available all the time. For newbies, it is not possible to keep an eye on all the required information. Even experienced traders are sometimes manipulated because it is very difficult to separate an opportunity from false alarms. It is a fast-moving market where keeping a record of every move is not possible. The main advantage of using a good broker is that you receive filtered information only, and misleading information is disposed of before it reaches traders.

OrbitGTM website

The brokers fill the moral, ethical and professional obligations to safeguard the interests of their customers without worrying about their commissions. OrbitGTM is not less than any other broker in this regard. Whenever rumors or a scam initiate in the market, OrbitGTM contacts its customers and tells them in advance to remain away from traps. The customer support service of this magnificent broker is on another level.

A Basic Introduction Of OrbitGTM

OrbitGTM is an online brokerage platform that helps the trading of stocks, forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. In these markets, you can trade hundreds of profitable assets. You also get a chance to increase stakes in various options while trading with this broker. It is a fact that no broker is a hundred percent perfect. To receive the most benefits from this broker, you need to find the area in which OrbitGTM specializes. Many brokers are affiliated with this broker, and it assigns them to work according to their expertise. In the past, traders were kept bound to trade only one asset at a time, but now things have changed completely, and traders are allowed to trade as many assets as they want.

Multiple Trading Markets

There was a time when brokers arranged physical meetings with traders, which gave them confidence and eradicated their concerns. But now things have changed dramatically. Everything is online now because the world has shifted to the digital economy. But most of the brokers only allow trading one or two trading instruments only. This limitation directly affects the profit earning capability of traders. As a result, traders are forced to hire services of more than one broker, which proves very costly. But OrbitGTM is an exception because it allows traders to trade whichever instrument they like from a long list of available options. The markets in which traders are allowed to invest are Forex, shares, indices, bonds, commodities, CFDs, and cryptocurrencies. All of these assets can provide big profits, and you can select all those which you think are the most suitable options for you.

Leverage Trading

An advantage of trading with OrbitGTM, which cannot be ignored, is that it facilitates its traders with leveraged trading. It is a type of trading in which both the traders and brokers stake their money in any commodity as a whole. For instance, there is an asset that a trader is not able to afford on his own. In this situation, OrbitGTM would come forward and become a partner in trade by providing a percentage of investment. In this way, traders can afford those assets which are otherwise out of their reach. This type of trading is very profitable, but only a few brokers allow this type of trading. By using this feature, traders can invest in many cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ripple, IOTA, etc.

OrbitGTM leverage trading

Attractive Trading Platform

Another good thing about OrbitGTM is that you will not have to wait for any upgrades because this trading platform is already a complete package in every respect. Basic usage of all the features is written along with every option for the convenience of traders. This feature gives easy access and saves precious time for its clients. The platform doesn’t force its customers to download the app because its web version is easily accessible. The website version provides all the features which a trader requires to make profitable trades. It can be used on any type of browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc. But if you are on the way somewhere and only have access to a mobile phone, then you can use this platform on the mobile phone as well. In this way, OrbitGTM remains available for its clients 24/7.

The platform is created in such a way that it doesn’t let its customers feel bored. Its GUI (Graphical User Interface) is very attractive and eye-catching. Soothing colors are used in GUI because the creator didn’t want to make it dull like some other brokerage platforms. Although it has given a lot of attention to the looks, its main aim is to strengthen its security rather than looking good.

To give its users confidence and security, it gives its traders stability. It provides its users the most advanced and latest tools available in the market. The tools include trading signals, price calculators, frequently updated prices, market news, and many more. These tools help the traders in making timely and efficient decisions.

Free Access To Educational Material

The majority of brokers try to keep their customers in the dark because they want to keep them dependent on the broker. But OrbitGTM never applies this negative tactic to its clients. It tries its best to teach them about all available directions inside the trading world. For this purpose, it has created a blogging website where traders are guided how about how to adjust to the market. Those traders who want to receive in-depth education and training can utilize the news articles, video lectures, and e-books as well. It has created an FAQ (frequently asked questions) section as well, where answers to all repeated questions are available for traders. Open-sourced information of this kind is scarce in the brokering business nowadays, and it proves that OrbitGTM has truly assisted its traders in making well-measured decisions.

This website is also equipped with technologically advanced brokerage tools. These tools provide traders easy access to price charts, market news, trading signals, sentiment highlights, and many other options. In addition to all these features, OrbitGTM conducts webinars as well. A webinar is just like a seminar, and the only difference is that it is held online without the need for physical presence. Having an eye on all this, we can say that this broker provides sufficient material to traders to help them in starting the career.

Safety And Security Of Traders

The biggest concern of traders while working in the online trading market is the security of their money and personal information. It is because recent years have seen a huge increase in criminal activities such as hacking, phishing, Ponzi schemes, and leakage of information. Therefore, you are advised to properly investigate the broker before getting yourself registered with any broker. OrbitGTM has secured a great reputation in this regard as well because it has implemented strict cyber security protocols. Most of the traders become a victim because they start working with brokers without knowing and checking their background. But it is surely possible to avoid such incidents because fake brokers can easily be identified among the good ones. Now I will tell you about some of the OrbitGTM features which make it completely safe for brokers.

It is implicit that OrbitGTM is secure because it is being run under the observation and supervision of highly qualified and experienced individuals. It is governed by professionals in compliance with good security policies named KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering). It has implemented these policies to make its trading platform safe for its clients. These policies help the broker in keeping criminals away from the platform. These policies qualify OrbitGTM to have better access to traders’ information and register only verified customers. Knowing that the broker has implemented these policies, criminals stay away and don’t even try to cross the premises of this platform.

In addition to these protocols, OrbitGTM has applied encryption technology as well. The technology used by this broker is called Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. OrbitGTM uses a 256-bit version of this encryption software. The presence of this encryption provides an additional layer of security. It protects the data and information of traders from misuse by external elements. SSL technology secures funds by working as a locker for information and passwords. In this way, all the critical information remains out of reach of hackers and fraudsters.

Robust Customer Support Service

A big problem faced by the majority of traders who take an interest in online trading is that they receive limited access to brokerage services. Most of the time, traders keep making speculations on their own because brokers don’t perform their duty. This lack of support makes them going through the agonizing process of losing investment. However, OrbitGTM is an entirely different broker because it provides maximum support. Its team remains available all day on all working days of the week. It provides the same customer support facility to beginners, which it provides to its expensive account holders.

Every customer of OrbitGTM receives the same level of support and access to the live support option. This attribute makes it one of the best brokerage platforms ever. The customers can contact the broker by using different methods of communication. Traders can share their problems by sending an email as well as by calling on the contact numbers provided on the platform.

Account Types Offered By OrbitGTM

OrbitGTM is a platform that doesn’t create discrimination among its traders. For this broker, a normal trader is the same as an institutional trader. The traders who want to join this market for the first time can also start a successful career with OrbitGTM. It offers six different kinds of accounts to its traders, who provide different kinds of features. These accounts are named Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and VIP accounts. These accounts provide a different level of exposure and services according to the needs of traders.

Many traders show skepticism while investing money with a new brokerage platform, and it is justified as well. This is why most of the traders try opening an account with the minimum requirement for money. Those traders who are running short of money can apply for leverage trading, which I have already covered in this review. Now I am going to tell you about the features and benefits of all account types one by one.

  • Bronze Account

The bronze account is designed for those customers who want to experiment with trading for the first time in their life. This account type is available for them for just 250 dollars. Basic account is nonpareil for pupils and teenagers who want to adopt trading as a long-term career. These account holders get a 24/7 customer support facility and a 30 percent welcome bonus at the time of the initial deposit. In addition, basic features of news and price alerts also get unlocked in this account. Sadly, an education plan is not available in this account.

  • Silver Account

Those traders who already have the basic knowledge of the online trading market should open beginners’ accounts. This account type is more suitable for grade students who have picked an academic career in finance-related studies and already possess book knowledge. The minimum requirement of this account is 10k dollars. In addition to the Bronze account features of welcome bonus and customer support, a junior account manager is provided to beginner account holders. The welcome bonus is raised 10 percent as compared to the Bronze account.

  • Gold Account

This account type is created for traders who have experience of a few years on their name. The minimum limit of deposits in this account type is 50k dollars. The signing bonus reaches 70 percent. A senior account manager is also provided, which gives advice and help in finding maximum profit ventures. Traders who are aware of the volatile nature of this market and know that they can handle this situation should register for this account type.

  • Platinum Account

This account of OrbitGTM is designed for the needs of professional traders who want to trade various assets at the same time. The minimum limit of deposit for a Pro account is 50k dollars. By signing up for this account, they receive features of price alerts, leverage trading, weekly trading sessions, and an education package.

  • Diamond Account

This account is the second most expensive account of OrbitGTM, but it provides more features than the previously mentioned accounts. Its features include 5x leverage, chief account manager, daily trading signals, and access to all educational material. The minimum deposit limit for this account is 100k dollars.

  • VIP Account

This is the most expensive and jam-packed type of account provided by OrbitGTM. In this account, you will receive 7x leverage along with other features. This account is for those traders who want to diversify their trading volume and act as whale investors. Traders get access to the best trading resources and top account managers at the disposal of OrbitGTM.


The online trading market is a fast-moving market that never stops. That is why missing an opportunity can cause a big loss. But with OrbitGTM, traders remain assured that they have access to a sound advisor who is available all the time for them. All these features are more than enough for traders, and now I leave the final decision on you.