Qantas Airline Announces NFT Airdrop for Flyers

Qantas Airline has jumped on the NFT train with its plan to airdrop NFTs to their consistent flyers. It isn’t a surprise that the Australian airline has stepped into the NFT world, considering the widespread adoption of NFTs and their evolving use cases in various fields. Qantas disclosed the NFT drop would occur before the second quarter. 

Also, the NFT holders will be given points, which they can convert to buying flight tickets. The airline is yet to disclose further details on the benefits of having the NFT. However, they indicated that more juicy benefits for holders are underway.

Minting Qantas NFTs

The Australian company is well aware of the climatic impacts of minting NFTs. Since minting is done on the blockchain, it consumes a significant amount of power and emits excessive carbon that offsets the ecosystem.

As the clamor for clean energy and net-zero emissions continues to reverberate, Qantas stated it would utilize low carbon platforms to release the project. The announcement of the airdrop was met with so much excitement, especially amongst travelers. It is proof that NFTs have transcended from being an epitome of art.

Despite this remarkable achievement, the airline provider is not the first to do an NFT airdrop in the aviation industry. AirBaltic unveiled its NFTs last February, emerging as the first airline to do it. This places Qantas in second place.

The Latvian airline’s NFTs were influenced by their surroundings to bolster tourism. During the country’s centenary celebration in 2018, AirBaltic hosted polls on various cities and places in Latvia. The poll influenced the NFT collection launch, as the cities included in the poll were used as an NFT.

The first release comprised 100 NFTs at 0.05 ether. Speaking of the launch, the airline company revealed its primary objective is to gain global recognition and promote tourism in the North-Eastern country. The NFT launch was part of their strategy to publicize the name of AirBaltic.

Will More Airlines Jump on the NFT Ship?

Given that NFTs are already disrupting the aviation industry, it’s likely that more airlines will leverage the popularity of this asset class to bolster their marketing strategy. The likes of Emirates and Qatar Airways are predicted to follow in the footsteps of AirBaltic and Qantas.

Factually, Emirates was the first to leverage blockchain. However, it didn’t utilize the technology to launch an NFT but a digital health passport.

Following the outbreak of the Covid-19 and worldwide travel guidelines, Emirates thought it wise to use blockchain to help with information storage about passengers. The digital health passport emerged to help passengers prepare for their travel by storing information about their vaccination and health status. According to Emirates, the passport will enable its customers to travel in safe health.

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