Putin Endorses Adoption of Digital Currencies for Foreign Payment Settlements

Russian premier has come to believe that the time is reaching when Russia would need to explore alternatives. The country needs to do it instead of heavily relying on the world’s major banks and third parties for international payment settlements. The President seems to have been convinced such an alternative can certainly be explored through … Read more

Aave Suspends Multiple Lending Markets, Tokens May Be in Trouble

Aave, a major liquidity protocol within the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry has made an announcement that is concerning for the entire community. The platform has announced that it has suspended several lending markets. For now, the protocol has clarified that they have halted the lending markets on a temporary basis. Aave Halts 17 Tokens’ Lending … Read more

Russia is Set to Become a Pro in Cryptocurrency, Aims to Launch an Exchange

In the past few months, the world has grown very aggressive against Russia. The country has waged its war against Ukraine and since then, the US and the UN have passed multiple sanctions against it. Initially, it looked like Russia will be able to get through the difficult times. However, the situation has gotten worse … Read more

Crypto Mining May Get A Green Signal In Russia, A Bill Has Been Rolled Out

Russia may soon add itself to the list of countries that have legalized cryptocurrency mining operations on their soil. If this happens, things may become quite an interesting for the cryptocurrency industry in Russia. The entire crypto industry will also be able to benefit from Russia’s decision, which is still being considered. Russia to Legalize … Read more

Following FTX Crash, Regulators from California Brings Exchange under Microscope

The Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI) has made an announcement in regard to launching an investigation against FTX. The DFPI to Investigate FTX’s Demise The DFPI is a regulatory authority based in California State. The regulator announced on November 10 that they have launched an investigation against the FTX exchange. The purpose of … Read more

Former US Treasury Secretary Compares FTX With Enron

Lawrence Summer, the former US Treasury Secretary, compared the collapse of the FTX crypto exchange to Enron. He noted that the case was not about the complexities associated with crypto regulation, but was actually one of classic fraud. He said that there were two lessons that were to be derived from the implosion of FTX … Read more

California Announces Investigation Into FTX

The Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI) in California announced that it is investigating the ‘apparent failure’ of FTX. The banking and lending laws of the state are administered by the DFPI, along with the securities law and the financial protection law. The former covers investment advisers, broker-dealers and commodities. Last Thursday, the agency … Read more

Judge Has Order For A Probe To Be Launched To Investigate True Nature Of Celsius

With every passing week, new developments are being made when it comes to the Celsius case. The cryptocurrency asset manager has been under great pressure since it filed for bankruptcy. There are several indicators pointing towards the Celsius network being nothing more than a scam or a Ponzi scheme. Judge Launched a Probe against Celsius … Read more

The UK House Of Commons Now Recognizes Crypto Assets As Regulated Financial Instruments

The crypto market continues to struggle under the weight of current macroeconomic conditions. As the rest of the market continues to struggle to find investors who want to invest in the crypto market as a whole, countries are starting to take notice of what the rest of the market has to offer. In fact, it … Read more

US Judge Orders Imprisonment Of Bitcoin Ponzi Operator

A bitcoin Ponzi operator had pleaded guilty back in 2015 for committing securities fraud and a district judge recently issued an order for the arrest and imprisonment of the individual in question. This was after he had ignored several orders of the court and did not pay $40 million to the US Securities and Exchange … Read more

Binance Wants Clarity On European Union Crypto Regulations, Continues Serving Non-Sanctioned Russians

In recent weeks, the European Union has continued tightening sanctions on Russia. The recent wave of sanctions has forced several crypto exchanges to stop offering services to Russian locals. Binance Keeps Offering Services to Russians Despite the sanctions being implemented by the European Union, the largest crypto exchange Binance has continued operating for the Russians. … Read more

Apple Introduces Stricter App Store Rules For Crypto And NFTs

Apple Inc. recently introduced new guidelines for developers who want their apps to be included in the company’s App Store. The guidelines indicate that crypto exchange apps should only allow crypto transfers to exchanges that are approved. If payments are required for unlocking functionality and features, the company said that only ‘in-app purchase currencies’ can … Read more

FTX Will Soon Be Delisting Various Crypto Assets

With the crypto market being in a uniquely the precarious situation, various companies are starting to feel the heat. 2022 saw a number of big companies in the crypto space resigning, In fact, the resignation of these different crypto firms has led to increased regulatory pressures throughout the market. Europe was quick to bring up … Read more

Hong Kong Moves Opposite To China As It Wants To Legalize Trading For Cryptocurrencies

There was a time when Hong Kong emerged as one of the most crypto-friendly regions in the world. However, things changed as China put its foot down on cryptocurrencies. Faced with a difficult situation, Hong Kong had no choice but to do the same as China. However, Hong Kong seems to have realized that the … Read more

Kraken May Soon Deprive Users Of Russia As Sanctions Continue Building

Kraken, another one of the largest multinational cryptocurrency exchanges may soon become another exchange to cease operating in Russia. According to the latest reports, the Kraken exchange is to deprive Russian users of accessing their platform. The exchange is to do it in compliance with the European Union sanctions implemented on Russia due to its … Read more

Portugal To Start Taxing Returns On Cryptocurrencies According To Next Year’s Budget

For a long time now, many have considered Portugal to be one of the friendliest crypto countries in the world. Not only has it introduced various rules that make it so much easier for people to not just trade cryptocurrencies but also to use them. However, for what came as a shocking surprise to many, … Read more

Countries Try To Cut Off Crypto That Funds Russia’s Occupation Of Ukraine

Russia’s current operation on Ukraine for the past eight months continues to test the peace in the European Union. However, as it has become painfully clear proper documentation, the official Russian armed forces are not the only individuals in uniform in Ukraine. In fact, through extensive investigative efforts, it has become very clear that militias … Read more

Do Kwon Has Denied Reports Of His Assets Being Frozen By South Korean Authorities

The founder of Terraform Labs, Do Kwon has recently issued a statement against claims of his assets being frozen by the South Korean authorities. No Funds are frozen A couple of weeks back, it was reported that the South Korean law enforcement authorities had frozen Do Kwon’s crypto assets. It was claimed that his assets … Read more

A Bank In Kazakhstan Is Buying Cryptocurrencies While Country Is Developing An Exchange

Eurasian Bank which is headquartered in Almaty has reportedly conducted a cryptocurrency exchange that was facilitated by Intebix. Intebix is one of the highly popular and largest cryptocurrency exchanges operating in Kazakhstan. Both entities have reportedly collaborated with each other in order to conduct a transaction for cryptocurrencies. The Significance of the Transaction It may … Read more