Ripple Wants To Add More Pressure Over US SEC By Adding Another Attorney In SEC Lawsuit

In the past couple of months, Ripple has grown more and more aggressive against the US SEC. This is because Ripple has enough proof in its favor to win the case that had been filed by the US SEC.

There are already talks about Ripple gaining enough ground to have the court judgment passed in their favor. However, Ripple is not ready to take any chances and instead, it is determined to increase its stakes of winning the case.

Ripple has Added a New Lawyer

To ensure Ripple builds enough pressure over the US Securities and Exchange Commission, and ensure their victory, the company has hired a new lawyer.

They have added a new lawyer to the legal team that is already fighting the case against the US SEC against their allegations.

With the addition of the new lawyer, Ripple has thrown another major card in their favor so the summary judgment stage also leans in their favor.

New Attorney from Kellogg Hansen

The Ripple team has announced that they have added a new lawyer to their legal team from a major law firm “Kellogg Hansen”.

Ripple officials announced on September 23 that they have added Bethan Rhian Jones, who is an experienced attorney from the particular law firm.

The attorney has already started working on the case filing a motion to carry out Ripple’s counsel for Pro Hac Vice.

Rhian Jones’ Request was granted

Rhian Jones already filed the request to be added as an attorney to represent Ripple against the US SEC lawsuit. Given the intensity of the case, the court was quick to accept the application submitted by Rhian Jones adding him to the Ripple legal team.

Rhian Jones has a huge reputation as an attorney as he is already a member of multiple Bars. These Bars include the State of New Jersey, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia.

Ripple is Constantly Building Pressure

The situation seems to be getting out of US SEC’s hands as days go by. This is because the US SEC has occupied itself with multiple disputes against multiple cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.

Although the US SEC may have the opportunity to win cases against other crypto-blockchain projects, it may find it difficult to win against Ripple.

In its defense, Ripple has provided enough proof to ensure the court does not pass judgment against them. So far, the situation is in favor of Ripple and the blockchain company wants to make sure they do not lose the opportunity.

Ripple has been increasing its chances of winning the case against the SEC and adding new attorneys from highly reputable law firms is increasing pressure on the regulator.

The entire Ripple community is already celebrating Ripple’s victory in advance and it will take major pressure over XRP’s shoulders.

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