Ripple Wants To Add More Pressure Over US SEC By Adding Another Attorney In SEC Lawsuit

In the past couple of months, Ripple has grown more and more aggressive against the US SEC. This is because Ripple has enough proof in its favor to win the case that had been filed by the US SEC. There are already talks about Ripple gaining enough ground to have the court judgment passed in … Read more

XRP Price To Lose Value Due To Its Recent Court Claim

Since late 2020, XRP has turned into one of the most controversial cryptocurrencies. Up until December 17, 2020, things were going smoothly for XRP. However, the US SEC had something else in mind about XRP as it had its concerns over its US offerings. The US SEC claimed Ripple Labs, the company behind the creation … Read more

Ripple’s Colombian Land Project Stalled

Two weeks before Gustavo Petro, the newly elected President of Colombia took office, Ripple Labs had entered into a partnership with the country’s Ministry of Information Technology and Communications. However, it appears that the project has now been stalled because the new government stated outright that it is not one of its major priorities. Project … Read more

Here’s Ripple’s Approach To Understanding NFT Collectors

The emergence and explosion of non-fungible tokens has been rapid, and the changes to the crypto industry are felt by all involved. But the growth comes with some form of confusion as key players like creators, collectors, and analysts need to understand the daily dynamics and trends to enable them to maximize the returns on … Read more

Ripple To Join Hands With Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan

In efforts to give birth to the Bhutanese Digital Currency, Ripple is collaborating with the Monetary Authority of Bhutan. Ripple shakes hands with the Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan in order to participate in the introduction of a new Digital Currency for the country, named Ngultrum. Digital Currency will be helping to study and learn … Read more

XRP Holders To File Class Action Lawsuit Against Tech Giant Apple

XRP community, without any doubt, is the fiercest one in the whole crypto space; as evident by the recent lawsuit of XRP with SEC, the whole community was out there protesting and raising their voice for Ripple. The level of organization depicted by this community is definitely out of this world; there was a class … Read more

XRP Records New Win as TAOTAO’s Listing Date Draws Near

Sixth-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, Ripple (XRP) is celebrating another win despite its travails with the US SEC. According to reports, Japanese exchange TAOTAO has revealed plans to create a spot for the token on its platform, which will give investors in the region access to it for trading and investing.   The recent partnership between … Read more

Solana (SOL) Rises to Flip XRP on Crypto Ranking

Solana (SOL) has registered historic bullish moves over the past sessions. The token managed to flip Ripple’s XRP in the crypto ranking amid a bloodbath week for most cryptos. As we approach the weekend, most crypto enthusiasts hope that the bearishness that dominated the cryptocurrency space over the past few days will fade. The total … Read more