Robert Kiyosaki Urges Investors To Enter The Crypto Market Now

The renowned author of the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad recently talked about cryptocurrency, urging people to invest in the market right now.

According to Robert Kiyosaki, the biggest economic crash in the history of the world is coming, so it is the best time for people to get into the crypto market.

Big crash

Robert Kiyosaki, the man who wrote Rich Dad, Poor Dad informed subscribers of his mailing list on Sunday that they should immediately get into crypto before world history’s biggest crash hits.

The book Rich Dad, Poor Dad was co-authored by Sharon Lechter and Kiyosaki in 1997 and it has remained on the New York Best Seller List for more than six years.

Available in more than 109 countries, the book has sold around 32 million copies and they are offered in 51 languages.

Kiyosaki told his subscribers that the biggest crash in history approaching. He had previously warned of a lengthy downturn as well.

He had also added that the best time for investors to get rich is in a bear market because that is when everything is on sale.

His advice was in line with his tweet in July when he had said that ‘sale’ was his favorite four-letter word.


The famous author said that since prices of assets are coming down, so people should be ready to snap up bargains, particularly in real estate and bitcoin.

Kiyosaki went on to say that the US dollar would also crash and this was likely to result in cryptocurrencies gaining acceptance.

He noted that the Treasury and the Federal Reserve are the ones destroying the dollar and he also added that he did not have any trust in the government.

He also expressed his distrust of Wall Street, President Joe Biden, the Federal Reserve and its chairman Jerome Powell and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

The author said that it was no longer about wanting to get into crypto, but it is time that people need to do so before a crash occurs.

Predictions and advice

Before these comments, Kiyosaki had also been sharing his investment advice and predictions on Twitter.

Last Thursday, he tweeted that it was the perfect time for poor people to get rich because of the crash in mutual funds, bonds, stocks, real estate and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

He also noted that has he had previously predicted, the middle class was being wiped out. The latest tweet is similar to another one he had made in August in which he warned of market crashes.

Back then, he had also added bitcoin and silver to the list of the markets that would crash. His bitcoin recommendations are not exactly new.

For months, he has been saying that he is waiting for crypto prices to bottom out in order to get in. The Rich Dad, Poor Dad author has also recommended that people invest in silver and gold.

But, he was no longer in favor of buying 2-year US Treasury bonds.

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