Growth Of Stablecoin Economy Stagnates

There has been a decline of 10.66% in the market capitalization of the top stablecoins from $171.37 billion to $153.09 billion, after the fiasco of the Terra stablecoin back in May. The last two months have recorded very little growth in the market capitalization of the leading stablecoins, as they have stayed close to the … Read more

An Australian Bank Becomes The First To Mint AUD Stablecoin

In the quest to encourage more bank users to embrace cryptocurrency transactions, an Australia-based financial institution, ANZ bank, has successfully launched a stablecoin linked to the Australian dollar (AUD). The move is the first of its kind by an Australian bank to issue an AUD tethered stablecoin. It may be the first time a major … Read more

The Volume Of Ruble To BTC Transactions Reach 9-Month Peaks

Many individuals have resorted to digital assets as a shield against inflation from fiat currencies. Thus, they can hold a significant advantage when the fiat currency becomes weakened in a bad economy. Fear Of Uncertainty Is The Primary Motive Russia’s ongoing assault against Ukraine has caused many more people to convert their fiat to cryptos … Read more

Anclap Launches New Stablecoin In Peru

Latin America-based stablecoin provider, Anclap, has launched another stablecoin in Peru to increase its list of stablecoins on its network. The Digital Sol Per the announcement from Anclap, the new stablecoin is pegged on a 1:1 ratio to the Peruvian dollar. Users can complete their transactions across the network instantly, even if it involves cash-crypto … Read more