Tennis Star Naomi Osaka Talks about Dogecoin as She Launches New NFTs

For fans of Tennis all over the world, Naomi Osaka is not an unknown name. She is an internationally recognized athlete hailing from Japan. She has been ranked as the top player by the Women’s Tennis Association and is the record holder for the most number of wins in singles. She is also the four times reigning champion for the Grand Slam singles. Her other achievements include being the current reigning champion for the US and Australia Open.

Talking to journalists recently, she opened up about her interest in cryptocurrencies. She claimed that her manager recently brings about the subject of investing in the digital market. However, she claimed that she had been taking a keen interest in the cryptocurrency market for quite some time. Another important thing to note is the digital asset to pique her interest is Dogecoin rather than popular assets like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and others.

Tennis Star Says Dogecoin Triggered her Interest in Cryptocurrencies

Speaking on the matter of digital assets, Osaka told the media that the career duration for the athletes is usually very small. The 23 years old sports star is currently practicing to defend her US Open Championship title. She further added that due to the rapidly passing the time and the limitation of opportunities, she has been planning to use her wealth with caution and responsibility.

She also claimed that she has been getting information about Dogecoin and expecting to hear some exciting news from the market. The satirical cryptocurrency DOGE that started as a joke has now become one of the largest altcoins by market cap. The investor interest in the meme cryptocurrency was increased due to the endorsement from Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Cryptocurrencies are not the only digital market interest that Tennis player and world Champion Naomi Osaka has indulged in. She has started to participate in the NFT market craze that has taken the crypto community by storm recently. By joining the NFT platform introduced by Tom Brady, Osaka has given her fans a chance to purchase the art featuring her.

She has recently published a second series of sports NFT collectibles for the fans of Tennis last week. Tom Brady, who is known in the world of sports as a legendary quarterback, has plans to bring more sports personalities from different parts of the world. The likes of Tiger Woods and Tony Hawk have already issued personalized NFT artwork on the platform in addition to Osaka.