Twitch Has Reportedly Banned Gambling Sites That Are Fueled By Cryptocurrencies

Twitch has made an announcement in regards to banning gambling sites on its platform. According to the reports, the gambling sites banned by Twitch are powered by cryptocurrencies.

On particular gambling sites, users are able to use cryptocurrencies on these platforms. Twitch has even banned users from sharing promo codes and referral codes for gambling sites.

All of these gambling sites are letting users place bets on their platforms using cryptocurrencies.

Twitter Made Official Announcement on Twitter

Twitch, a live streaming platform, which is quite interactive mainly among the gaming community made the announcement of banning gambling sites on Twitter.

The company based in the United States has announced that the implementation banning crypto-based gambling sites will be put in place from October 18.

The gambling sites to be banned by Twitch include dice games, roulette, and slots. The majority of these games are not licensed or authorized to operate in the United States.

If not the United States, then it would be other jurisdictions where the consumers are provided with enough protection.

Announcement by Twitch

As per the announcement, Twitch has made it clear that they have implemented a prohibition on the sharing of referral codes and links for the banned sites.

Despite announcing their prohibition, the users are still involved in sharing the links to the referral codes and links. As a result, such users are putting other users and the entire Twitch network at potential harm.

More Clarity to Unravel Soon

Twitch teams are still looking into the matter to establish whether a ban needs to be implemented on cryptocurrency betting sites or not.

For now, Twitch is going with the expected ban of the cryptocurrency gambling platforms on October 18. If the users start adhering to the current guidelines and stop sharing promo/referral codes, then Twitch may revoke the decision.

Major Names to be banned

Twitch has already mentioned names of the major betting sites currently offering crypto-based betting services. These sites include,,, and

According to Twitch, the above-mentioned sites are not licensed or authorized to operate in the United States or other jurisdictions. As per Twitch, these sites are a threat to consumer protection.

Some of the most popular streamers from Twitch had been attracted to the particular sites as they have a vast viewership. These platforms deal mainly in major cryptocurrencies such as Ether (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC).

More Sites to be added

Twitch has announced that they have their monitoring teams closely monitoring each gambling site. They are also monitoring the activities of the users connected with these gambling sites to know what they are up to.

Until October 18, Twitch will be actively monitoring involved entities to see whether the ban is to be placed or not. For clarity, Twitch has not said anything about banning sites that offer gambling/betting for poker, fantasy sports, and sports.

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