XRP Holders To File Class Action Lawsuit Against Tech Giant Apple

XRP community, without any doubt, is the fiercest one in the whole crypto space; as evident by the recent lawsuit of XRP with SEC, the whole community was out there protesting and raising their voice for Ripple. The level of organization depicted by this community is definitely out of this world; there was a class action complaint filed on 16th September 2021 by several XRP holders and investors that people have allowed cybercriminals to steal their information and digital assets.

Hadona Diep, who is a cybersecurity professional, filed this action, but all of the XRP holders were in Sync to do so. The action was filed in the state of Maryland before a federal court. Those who have filed this complaint seek compensation for the damage that is done to them under U.S. Federal and state laws, as per the document shared by the Court House regarding the case. The very claim led by the XRP holders is that Apple knowingly allowed and authorized a malicious app to be made available on App Store.

Apple Does Not Remove Malicious App From App Store

The XRP holders believe that Apple was, in fact, aware of the criminal nature of this app and the malicious activity that was going on with the app code. The question raised by these XRP holders is why Apple allowed such a malicious application to be available for download within their App Store when the company knew that it was malicious and shouldn’t be there. Not only this, but Apple has done nothing to remove the so-called app, and it still remains there; the company has also done nothing to notify the customers whose financial information has been compromised.

This kind of negligence could have been expected of any other tech industry or company but this coming from Apple is just unbearable. The app is known as toast plus, and it was used by cybercriminals as part of their phishing scam. The very logo of the app was in the form of a toast wallet with the intent to confuse the users into downloading and signing in with their personal details, only to steal their funds along with their financial information. The case is going on, and the proceedings will begin in the following days.