Genesis Exchange Review

Genesis Exchange logoThe financial markets seem to be filled to the brim with online brokers at this point and each promising to be better than the previous one. A forex and CFD broker, Genesis Exchange has also established itself as an option for global traders to explore and despite being new, you will quickly realize that its popularity seems to be increasing quickly.

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This is bound to pique your curiosity and make you wonder exactly what they are offering. To find the answers you seek, you can check a Genesis Exchange review as it can shed some light on the company’s services. Ready to find out? Check them out below:

The Plethora of Trading Instruments 

Hundreds of thousands of trading instruments can be found in the financial markets and every broker offers a combination of them to their clients. Some focus on one market only, while others expand access to different markets. You will come to know that Genesis Exchange falls in the latter category, but what sets them apart is that their offerings are some of the most popular and profitable instruments in every market. 

You can access the commodities, stocks, forex, indices, and cryptocurrency market at Genesis Exchange and they have added the top instruments from each, so their clients can maximize their returns. Plus, the plethora of choices ensures that risks can also be mitigated through diversification. 

Professional Trading Solutions 

The instruments you trade will undoubtedly affect your profits, but the trading platform you use for trading them is equally important, if not more so. Its execution speed, navigation, and tools can make a big impact on your performance, so it has to be the best option.

You will find exactly that at Genesis Exchange because they offer their clients the MT4 trading platform. Even if you are a complete newbie with zero experience and basic knowledge, you will know the importance of this platform. Boasting innovative technology and an intuitive interface, the MT4 is the optimal trading solution for every trader, regardless of their experience.

You can download it on your desktop, or you can also explore the WebTrader that Genesis Exchange has incorporated. Mobile trading apps for Android and iOS are other choices to explore and each one comes with an array of trading tools that only boost your performance. 

Peace of Mind 

You can also enjoy complete peace of mind during online trading with Genesis Exchange and focus fully on your trading activities because of their exceptional attention to security. They keep your funds in segregated accounts that are maintained with the most reputable banks globally, thereby minimizing the risk of misappropriation, theft, and discrepancy.

Your personal data is also protected through SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology that monitors website traffic and full data encryption that prevents unauthorized individuals from accessing your details. Another layer of security is added by Genesis Exchange through its compliance with the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) security policies.

Proof of ID, such as a national ID card, passport, or driver’s license is needed and proof of address, like a utility bill or bank statement, is required. Your account is verified before transactions can be made. This prevents the existence of fake accounts and minimizes the possibility of identity theft, financial fraud as well as other criminal activities like money laundering.

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Professional and Prompt Assistance 

Another aspect of Genesis Exchange that has helped it in distinguishing itself from the other brokerages out there is its professional and prompt support. They have a dedicated customer support staff that can be contacted 24/5 with any query or concern that you may have.

You can send an email, or give them a call on the details provided on their website. In fact, they can also call you if you fill out the online contact form. You can also make use of educational resources for enhancing your knowledge and improving your skills for better trading decisions.

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The reasons behind Genesis Exchange’s popularity highlight just how the company can offer you the trading experience you are looking for.