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Axia entered the retail trading industry several years ago with a clear goal: to create the ultimate trading experience. Has it been successful so far? In order to achieve that, several boxes must be ticked, and today we’ll try to figure out whether traders can trust this broker.

One of the first things to consider is regulation, and you will be happy to hear that Axia is authorized by the FSA. That means traders in many (but not all) countries can sign up for one of the account types provided by the company. It also creates a secure environment since client funds are segregated, and personal data is kept private, in line with the privacy policy.

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Crypto CFD Trading

Traditional markets such as forex, stocks, indices and commodities can be traded when holding an account with Axia. Although these are all popular trading instruments, crypto trading is also on many traders’ lists. With Axia, traders can access some of the leading tokens today, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, etc. Trading with limited leverage is possible since cryptocurrencies remain very volatile.

At the same time, traders need to keep in mind that these are CFDs, so they don’t have exposure to the underlying assets. They can trade even falling markets with financial derivatives, which is a big advantage now that crypto has downside potential.

Account Types

Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond accounts make up for a diverse offering. Deposit requirements differ for each one. But we should not ignore the added features unlocked once traders upgrade. More information on that can naturally be found on the company’s website at all times.

The company also has a welcome bonus promotion in place, offering between 5%-25%, depending on the deposit size.

Axia and cryptocurrency trading

All traders signing up for an account with Axia have access to the Knowledge Center. We are happy to inform that it is packed with useful educational resources, and you can use it to learn about crypto, understand technical analysis, read financial news and more.

Trading Platforms

Moving on to trading softwares, AxiaTrade and AxiaTrade Mobile are the solutions designed by the broker. These platforms cover all types of devices, keeping you posted on the latest market developments at all times. AxiaTrade can be operated from a browser, and AxiaTrade Mobile can easily be installed on an Android or iOS device.

Still, many traders prefer to stick with established platforms like MetaTrader 5, and that’s why Axia enables access to it as well. MT5 is a reliable solution for CFD trading, providing Expert Advisors, multiple analysis tools and order types on any device you want to use.

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Bottom Line

Based on a list of comprehensive features enabled by Axia, traders can rest assured that this is a brokerage with a professional approach. The goal is to provide competitive trading terms at attractive rates for the broader public. Axia has been crafting its offer over the years and managed to cope with the latest developments. Coverage for cryptocurrencies is proof of that.

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