Trades Universal Review

Trades Universal logoI have taken it upon myself to introduce one of the best brokerage firms to traders in this Trades Universal review. Who doesn’t dream of a high income without the increased workload? This may seem like something too good to be true but it is the reality of online traders.

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Online trading allows people to earn additional income, sometimes in over thousands, just by clicking on some names and numbers. All that it requires from the person is to study a bit about investing, have some investment capital, and the right broker.

If you are interested in adding such an easily earned income to your monthly wages, then you need to find a brokerage firm. I recommend Trades Universal to anyone who is interested in turning their life around with online trading. Let’s review some of the top features of Trades Universal to see why it would be a great pick.

Features of Trades Universal To Know About


Trades Universal is a secure platform that allows traders to trade with a peaceful mind. Trades Universal maintains its secure reputation by making sure that all of its security protocols are updated and in place at all times. The broker has implemented the latest technology in terms of security software to ensure that no hacker is able to damage or access its system.

You will be happy to find that the firm has taken its security one step ahead and used the feature of segregated accounts for storing your funds. This means that your money is kept in accounts that are completely out of reach by the broker. This means that even if a hacker manages to get into the firm’s system, it will not be able to access your funds.


Regulations are proof that a brokerage firm is one that you can trust. This is because when a broker is regulated, it means that a third-party agency is monitoring all of its actions. This way if the trading firm decides to do anything illegal or is acting suspiciously, the agency will be able to trace it and report the matter to the authorities. Trades Universal is a fully regulated firm which means that it is also compliant with the AML and KYC policies. These policies ensure the safety of your identity as well as your funds.

Trading Platform

The trading platforms that you get with Trades Universal include a web trader, the MetaTrader4, as well as smartphone applications. Trades Universal provides users with multiple options for trading platforms so that they can pick whichever option that they enjoy using. All of these platforms are of the finest quality so you don’t have to worry about missing out on something by choosing one or the other.

As per my personal experience, web traders are the easiest to use because you don’t have to make adjustments to your device or download the software to it to use it. You can access your account simply by logging in to your account. The MT4 needs to be downloaded on your device and you will need to make sure that your device software is updated to a certain point to be able to use it properly. The MT4 is one of the most popular choices of trading platform software so you should expect nothing less than the best quality of software with this option.

All versions of the platform were crafted with modern technology which means that they are all equipped with modern trade tools. Traders can benefit from these tools and make wise and profitable investment decisions. Moreover, the interface of these platforms is user-friendly and easy to navigate which should make it very easy to use them.

Trades Universal trading platform

Asset Options

The list of assets that Trades Universal supports the trade of includes forex currency pairs, commodities, bonds, shares, and stocks. Under these main categories, you will be surprised to find out that the firm supports the trade of over 450 assets. For instance, the currency pairs that you can trade with include the major and popular forex pairs as well as a lot of minor and exotic ones.

This wide range is certainly impressive and useful for traders. You will, at no point in time, run out of investment opportunities with this broker. Moreover, you can build a diverse trade portfolio without having to look for different brokers to trade with different assets.

You should always look for brokerage firms that support the trade of a variety of assets because of the many benefits of having access to them. One such benefit is the ability to practice low-risk trading. In this type of trading, you reduce the risk of loss that may come from falling asset prices by investing small sums of money in different assets.

Customer Support

Signing up with a brokerage firm exposes you to a completely new environment, especially when you are a new trader. In such situations, you will have many questions that even the FAQ section will not be able to provide answers for. This is when you will need to get in touch with the customer support staff.

Trades Universal provides active customer support services which have kept its clients happy for several years. The customer support system of the firm is active 24/5 with the exception of the weekend. This means that you will get timely responses to your queries at any time of the day which is great for traders trading from different time zones.

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Final Thoughts

You have gotten a glimpse of what you can expect when you create an account with this brokerage firm. Trades Universal is a trading firm that is much more than a regular broker and acts more like a business partner. The trustworthy elements of this trading firm ensure that the trader has as many benefits as possible.

Along with the fine quality of services and features that it offers, you can also get in touch with the firm at any time that you want. So, if you are looking for a brokerage firm that you can depend on for a long time, then you should definitely check out Trades Universal.