Snowfall Protocol Collects $3 Million During Its First Two Presale Rounds

The development of Snowfall Protocol is a very entertaining process to look at especially considering the intensity of competition in the market it tries to penetrate. The crypto industry has solid solutions for finance management in the world of blockchain. Polygon and Eos are two good examples, both with good numbers and sound roadmaps. However, … Read more

Decentraland Is Going Play-to-earn With Its Land Lending Feature

The monetization in Decentraland is quite an important issue. While it is not right to call Decentraland a game, it is a virtual environment where users interact with each other and can earn real money. In many ways, it is still a video game heavily focused on user-generated content and socialization. You may argue about … Read more

BTC Shrunks By 2% Moving In An Expected Manner

The 2% bump in price that occurred yesterday was taken as a sign of recovery, but more level-headed experts had less optimistic expectations. On December 10, the market as a whole did not experience any major swings. Major tokens were down by a single-digit percent while individual projects were doing just fine by stabilizing or … Read more

Institutionalized Investors Are Bullish On Crypto

We have heard many loud statements from CEOs of large investment banks and companies. Many of them are strong supporters of tradfi meaning that they don’t see the inherent value of cryptocurrencies and the potential this industry has given the right circumstances. However, their alignments with established narratives do not prevent them from investing in … Read more

How Michael Zetser Sees Cryptocurrencies and Other Modern Assets

The problem of digital assets is the one that many experts are trying to tackle on different levels. The whole idea of taking something intangible and turning it into a financial instrument sounds foreign to traditionally trained investors. However, some people see the emerging phenomenon of crypto assets as an opportunity for the whole world … Read more

Chainlink Reveals Massive Staking Numbers On Its First Day

Chainlink is a very interesting project that allows other DeFi protocols to work efficiently. Chainlink feeds prices and other important types of information that can be effortlessly implemented in any smart contract. This project gained notoriety thanks to its compatibility and scalability appreciated by hundreds of developers across the globe. Staking is a great opportunity … Read more