Mining Difficulty Of Bitcoin Rises Over 36.95 T, Bitcoin Is Now Hard To Get

The mining difficulty of Bitcoin (BTC) has recently achieved a record-high figure. November 21, 2022, hashrate data shows it is hit a new record. Bitcoin difficulty is considered one of the most critical indicators when it comes to gauging the performance of the Bitcoin network. Mining Difficulty Rose Over 36.95 T On November 21, the … Read more

Marathon CEO Claims Their Digital Holdings Firm Ranks No. 2 For Bitcoin Holdings

Marathon Digital Holdings has recently made a major claim in regard to its Bitcoin holdings. One of the largest Bitcoin mining companies has claimed that it has become Bitcoin’s second-largest holder. Marathon Holdings is among the handful of crypto-based companies that are publicly listed. The company has revealed that the Bitcoin it holds ranks it … Read more

Research Discovers Bitcoin Mining Accounts For 0.10% Of Global Greenhouse Emissions

The Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance (CCAF) recently published a report, which discloses that 0.10% of the global greenhouse emissions are due to bitcoin mining. This is approximately 48.35 million tons of carbon dioxide a year. The report further discloses that the environmental footprint of bitcoin mining is more complex and nuanced due to which … Read more

Bitcoin Mining Company Compute North Files For Bankruptcy

On Thursday, Compute North, the bitcoin mining firm filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Texas, as the crypto winter does not appear to be slowing down and is creating problems for businesses in the space. On September 22nd, the company filed for bankruptcy petition and it indicates that the company is interested in stabilizing its … Read more

Bitcoin Miner Terawulf Discloses Miners At Lake Mariner Site

Terawulf, the publicly-listed bitcoin miner had announced some time ago that its Lake Mariner data mining data center was fully functioning and boasted a capacity of 30 megawatts (MWs). The latest announcement from the company has revealed that there are almost 12,000 miners who are currently operating at the New York facility. Thus, between the … Read more

Bitcoin (BTC) Miners Possibly Behind Plummets Beneath $19K; Here’s Why

Bitcoin saw its prices sliding by more than 10% within the last seven days. Meanwhile, data shows massive selling strength from Bitcoin miners triggered the downside price movements beneath the critical price zone of $19,000. Bitcoin Miners’ Sell-off Soars A senior CryptoQuant analyst Julio Moreno has claimed that the crypto space hovers in the BTC … Read more