There are three novel cryptocurrencies ETPs that WisdomTree, a company located in New York that makes ETFs and ETPs, declared on 29th March. They are supported by the SOL, ADA, and DOT ETPs. 

WisdomTree Crypto ETPs

WisdomTree Polkadot (DOTW) is one of 3 additional exchange-traded products with a physical backing, the others being WisdomTree Solana (SOLW) and WisdomTree Cardano (ADAW). WisdomTree created exchange-traded products to give European investors another way to access DOT, SOL, and ADA prices through exchanges.

Three exchange-traded products are traded on leading European regulated exchanges, like the Swiss SIX exchange, the Swiss Stock Exchange, and Deutsche Boerse’s Xetra. WisdomTree also announced that the cryptocurrency ETPs would be launched in Paris and Amsterdam by the end of March after being listed on Euronext.

European nations eligible to purchase these products include Ireland, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Finland, Belgium, France, and Italy, claimed WisdomTree. According to Alexis Marinof, the new service intends to address the growing need from investment firms for diversifying their cryptocurrency portfolios. Altcoins are becoming feasible possibilities for several investment firms, increasing opportunities for diversifying their cryptocurrency holdings much as possible for any other investment vehicle, Marinof explained.

Assisting Investors in Their Cryptocurrency Adventure

Cryptocurrency ETPs being listed on stock exchanges have rapidly expanded the number of ways for investors to trade cryptos easily. Since launching its crypto platform in 2019, WisdomTree has seen a tremendous change in the industry. The company’s continual product release reflects the increasing acceptability of cryptocurrency and the changing legislative environment in Europe and shows that digital assets are here to stay.

WisdomTree introduced three cryptocurrency basket ETFs in Europe in November 2021. WisdomTree Cryptocurrency Market (BLOC), WisdomTree Cryptocurrency Altcoins (WALT), and WisdomTree Cryptocurrency Mega Cap Equal Weight (MEGA) are the 3 cryptocurrency exchange-traded products that the business has listed on exchanges.

The most well-known cryptocurrencies, like ETH, BTC, LTC, and BTCH, are all represented in WisdomTree Cryptocurrency Market. BTCH, ADA, DOT, SOL, and LTC are among the altcoins WisdomTree Cryptocurrency Altcoins centers on. WisdomTree Cryptocurrency Mega Cap Equal Weight is a cryptocurrency exchange specializing only in ETH and BTC, the industry’s 2 “mega-cap” investments.

The money can be sold in any twelve EU nations, Norway and Switzerland. WisdomTree put its exchange-traded products for ETH and BTC on the two Euronext exchanges in Amsterdam and Paris in June 2021. The action came after the company listed similar items on SIX and Börse Xetra.

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