The 2% bump in price that occurred yesterday was taken as a sign of recovery, but more level-headed experts had less optimistic expectations.

On December 10, the market as a whole did not experience any major swings. Major tokens were down by a single-digit percent while individual projects were doing just fine by stabilizing or moving in an upward trajectory.

Price corrections are to be expected

Following any established narrative in the media is not the best course of action right now. Haters are all about the inevitable doom. Supporters see a bull rally in every price increase.

During periods of uncertainty, retail traders who want to stay profitable should try to remain unbiased. Relying on the opinions of people who have personal interests to protect is a sure way to financial ruin.

Technical analysis specialists always say that prices correct themselves after any movement as the market is trying to figure out the true value of assets.

Even a small 2% charge will be inevitably corrected within a short period. This constant back and forth between market participants is what creates volatility. The higher the volatility, the less predictable price changes are in the grand scheme of things.

Since the correction was equal to the previous growth, we can safely assume that we are in a period of local stability with the price of major crypto assets in a state of equilibrium.

Experts are careful with making predictions because the beginning of the next week may rock the market after this calm weekend.

In general, we don’t have any reasons to suspect that something out of the ordinary will happen in the market before December 12.

Do not overreact

Some retail traders may panic during even the shortest movements of the price chart. We strongly advise against making rash decisions. The whole market is in a state of emotional recovery after three stressful weeks.

Investors must find courage and resources to start a new bull run, but preparing for it requires some time for recollection and calming down. Even a hefty 10% swing is not a reason to start panicking.

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