The monetization in Decentraland is quite an important issue.

While it is not right to call Decentraland a game, it is a virtual environment where users interact with each other and can earn real money. In many ways, it is still a video game heavily focused on user-generated content and socialization.

You may argue about the popularity of this project and the number of concurrently active players, but there are many things that make it impressive. Now, it will attract even more users.

Whales and regular users

One of the problems with any entertainment projects in crypto is that the balance between investors and actual end-users is quite hard to find.

One of the best examples in the gaming sector is Axie Infinity, a pay-to-earn game where whales could invest and earn money without playing. However, the internal economy was not sound or ready for scaling up which was the eventual downfall of the game.

Decentraland is moving in a similar direction. In Axie Infinity, rich players could lend out their axies to other players who wanted to play and earn rewards.

Decentraland will have a similar feature with users owning parcels and estates can now lend them out to renters for a certain period of time. A fixed amount of MANA, the native token, must be paid upfront.

During this period, any properties rented out will be locked and owners cannot sell or receive purchasing bids on them.

The rental service sounds a lot like staking for owners and an ability to interact with the world for a small fee for newcomers to the virtual world of Decentraland.

The reception was quite positive

The Decentraland community was happy to hear the news. It is a good idea for the longevity of the project. At the same time, it will increase the liquidity within the network and provide new incentives for investors to purchase properties in the game.

Wearables and other items could use the same approach as suggested by some Twitter users.

It seems that the community of this metaverse wanted something like this and was hungry for monetization options outside of simply trading LAND back and forth.

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