Putin Endorses Adoption of Digital Currencies for Foreign Payment Settlements

Russian premier has come to believe that the time is reaching when Russia would need to explore alternatives. The country needs to do it instead of heavily relying on the world’s major banks and third parties for international payment settlements. The President seems to have been convinced such an alternative can certainly be explored through … Read more

Aave Suspends Multiple Lending Markets, Tokens May Be in Trouble

Aave, a major liquidity protocol within the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry has made an announcement that is concerning for the entire community. The platform has announced that it has suspended several lending markets. For now, the protocol has clarified that they have halted the lending markets on a temporary basis. Aave Halts 17 Tokens’ Lending … Read more

Chainlink surges by 10%, Active Addresses Also Set a New Record

Santiment, a data analytics firm recently shared information about the active addresses that are backing LINK. According to the firm, these addresses were recorded last week as they were active every day. Over 8k Active Addresses on LINK The firm has revealed that in the past week, they have recorded over 8,000 LINK addresses that … Read more

Russia is Set to Become a Pro in Cryptocurrency, Aims to Launch an Exchange

In the past few months, the world has grown very aggressive against Russia. The country has waged its war against Ukraine and since then, the US and the UN have passed multiple sanctions against it. Initially, it looked like Russia will be able to get through the difficult times. However, the situation has gotten worse … Read more

Following FTX Crash, Regulators from California Brings Exchange under Microscope

The Department of Financial Protection and Innovation (DFPI) has made an announcement in regard to launching an investigation against FTX. The DFPI to Investigate FTX’s Demise The DFPI is a regulatory authority based in California State. The regulator announced on November 10 that they have launched an investigation against the FTX exchange. The purpose of … Read more

Tether Has No Plans of Helping FTX Recover, FTT to Plunge Deeper

Last week, it was confirmed via a leaked balance sheet that FTX backed Alameda Research with FTT belonging to customers on the exchange. After the revelation, it has been confirmed that there is a great void in the balance sheet of the FTX exchange. As the exchange no longer has the actual FTTs of the … Read more

With No Gains in Sight, SHIB Community Expects a Surge by End of December

In the year 2022, Shiba Inu (SHIB) has turned out to be a highly sustained cryptocurrency. The meme coin has been moving alongside the general trajectory as investors keep it sustained. Even the sell-offs carried out by the sellers are sustained and the same goes for the meme coin purchases. Are There Signs of Bullish … Read more

MetaMask Introduces a New DApp to Let Users Move Tokens to Different Blockchains

ConsenSys, a major software technology firm based on blockchain technology has been constantly expanding its services and technology. Ultimately, ConsenSys wants to bring as much expansion to blockchain interoperability as possible. ConsenSys has made the same attempt by launching a new tool but this time, it has taken things to the next level. ConsenSys Announces … Read more

Banking Sector in Chile Opens Gates for Crypto Exchanges

Beginning of New Chapter in Chile Chile has been one of the fewest countries in the world where it was impossible for a crypto exchange to obtain banking services. The idea of allowing crypto exchanges to open an account with a bank was absent in Chile. However, a new chapter has begun in the country … Read more

Google’s ‘Blockchain Node Engine’ Sets In Motion To Serve Ethereum Blockchain

Google Honors Ethereum With Its Blockchain Node Engine Alphabet Inc. (widely recognized as ‘Google’) has successfully launched ‘Blockchain Node Engine’ which is based on Google Cloud on 27th October, 2022. According to Google, in its initial phase of operations, the node engine will honor the world’s second largest blockchain network namely Ethereum Blockchain. As regards … Read more

Binance Gets Closer to Finding Hacker Responsible for $570 Million Hack

The crypto space has recently been riddled with some of the worst crypto hacks to be seen in the modern day. Not only has the volume of the attacks grown in recent months, but their scope has as well. Last year, the biggest hack was a little over $600 million that hackers stole close to … Read more

FTX Will Soon Be Delisting Various Crypto Assets

With the crypto market being in a uniquely the precarious situation, various companies are starting to feel the heat. 2022 saw a number of big companies in the crypto space resigning, In fact, the resignation of these different crypto firms has led to increased regulatory pressures throughout the market. Europe was quick to bring up … Read more

Despite Crypto Market Downtrend, Women are Bullish towards Crypto

The year 2022 has proven to be a great test of patience for the cryptocurrency community, which mainly has bullish sentiments for cryptocurrencies. As the cryptocurrency industry has constantly moved towards a decline, many investors have continued leaving the industry. Many investors have lost hope and confidence in cryptocurrencies and this is not a good … Read more

Chainalysis Has Helped Law Enforcers Recover Funds Lost to a Hack

On Thursday, Chainalysis made an official announcement in regards to providing their support to law enforcement in dealing with a hacking case. Chainalysis Helped Recover $30 Million Chainalysis announced they were recently asked by the law enforcement authorities to provide their support in investigating a hack. They did comply with the request made by the … Read more

Bitcoin (BTC) Miners Possibly Behind Plummets Beneath $19K; Here’s Why

Bitcoin saw its prices sliding by more than 10% within the last seven days. Meanwhile, data shows massive selling strength from Bitcoin miners triggered the downside price movements beneath the critical price zone of $19,000. Bitcoin Miners’ Sell-off Soars A senior CryptoQuant analyst Julio Moreno has claimed that the crypto space hovers in the BTC … Read more