The development of Snowfall Protocol is a very entertaining process to look at especially considering the intensity of competition in the market it tries to penetrate.

The crypto industry has solid solutions for finance management in the world of blockchain. Polygon and Eos are two good examples, both with good numbers and sound roadmaps.

However, the interest from investors makes Snowfall Protocol (SNW) stand out from the crowd of other DeFi projects that often fail to impress regular users and receive their funding primarily from VC firms.

What is so special about Snowfall Protocol?

This DeFi platform is a new financial tool that allows users to securely trade, lend or stake crypto tokens in an environment of transparency and full decentralization.

While it is a sentence full of frequently used buzzwords, it does have some unique features that allow it to differentiate itself from the rest of the pack with similar descriptions. SNW looks like a promising token if you are interested in investing in young projects at the moment of their launch.

The key feature of the protocol is that it is fully compatible with all blockchain networks and allows users to benefit from the interconnectedness of the industry.

Snowfall will allow its users to easily move their assets from one network to another while offering a simple interface to make the service convenient and flexible. The main priority of the development team is interoperability and web3 compatibility.

Looking at the first two rounds of token sales, we can safely assume that investors are quite interested in this promising project. The team has managed to raise over $3 million so far, and several more rounds of funding are ahead.

While the platform itself is already something that many users want to try out, the development of a Dapp that will act as the main interface for end users is also a big deal.

Keep your eyes open for this token

The crypto industry has a lot to offer to investors willing to risk their money, hoping to stumble upon a diamond. Snowfall Protocol is a cool idea, and it has a good team of developers. If you are interested in DeFi, don’t look away from SNW.

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